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Tianchi of Changbai Mountain

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The deepest lake of China, Changbai Mountain Tianchi, is located in the southeast of Jilin province in China. It is the border lake between China and North Korea. Its north part in Jilin province is the origin of Songhua River. Due to its geographical position, the surface of the lake is 2150 meters over sea level, thus it is called Tianchi, the lake in sky (the lake of sky).

The Changbai Mountain used to be a volcano, according to records, there were three major eruptions happened since sixteenth century. After the eruptions a big mass of magma were erupted and the crater formed a basin shape. Afterwards water started to accumulate and finally shaped today's Tianchi, an icy cold lake.

Tianchi has been known for its magnificent and vast view but it is not easy to be lucky enough for tourists to see it once because of its misty weather. Tourists then have to choose the right seasons to see the wonderful scenery. What attracts tourists more is not only the landscape, but also the legendary myth of monsters that have been spotted many times.

There were no fish in Tianchi since the temperature of the water is way too low (an annual average of -7 Celsius degrees) for fish to grow up. The surface of the lake mostly remains frozen of a year (258 days) covered by thick snow which reduces more odds of large scale creatures' survival in the water. However, it has been recorded already since Qing dynasty that some monster(s) was/were spotted in the lake. And there are just more witnesses who constantly saw something moving in the water, even though the descriptions present quite a few different versions. People’s interest in this monster has reached the highest level. The national television station also gets involved into the phenomenon and sends a special team to report the event.

The descriptions about the monster are quite variable due to the viewing distance is very far, but there were two men actually had experienced a closer contact with the unknown monster, the one who saw the monster swimming to the shore alerted the other one who didn't notice the situation, so they ran immediately away from the lake shore, they did have a hard time to recover from the unexpected event afterwards. This documentary film catches even more interest of Chinese so more and more of them travelled there to fulfill their adventurous attempts.

Nevertheless, the discoveries of the monster has put a secret veil to this already very attractive lake, after having been recorded for about 30 to 40 times and thousands of witnesses a non-official research association has been founded and more and more scholars and experts have joined the team trying to find out the answer of the monster.

Tianchi, with this spectacular monster phenomenon, has also acquired attention from other countries, especially England, because people would very much like to compare this monster to the one found in the Loch Ness. This comparison even helps more raise the reputation of Tianchi and makes it a valuable legacy of the local history.

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