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Tianqiaogou National Forest Park

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Tianqiaogou State Forest Park is a world well-known forest park richly endowed by nature in abundant human culture site and natural sight so that it is a pleasant ecological tourist stage, and is also one National Nature Preservation Zone in Liaoning Province. It's the famous patriotic education base with complete infrastructure and red tourism scenic spot of great significance.

As a light spot of the development of tourism in Liaoning Province, the red tourism had become very popular in the forest park with a tendency of setting a prairie fire. The perfect combination of the red region and natural beauty is valuable for exploration.

On the autumn night with a bright moon and a gentle breeze, local people would hold the large campfire party in the square. Every September, travelers have been drawn to the Tianqiaogou State Forest Park for attending the famous "Maple Trees Festival." Many sightseeing with beautiful scenery have come about, which is certainly luring throngs of photographic fans for creation-oriented tours. Fascinating Tianqiaogou National Park boasts its forest coverage of the whole park accounting for almost 96% of the total forest area and occupying an area of over 4,000 hectares.

The forest park's strong point lies in its contrast to all five holy mountains that are traditional attractions in our country and many sites in Mount Changbai, offering a captivating combination of education and relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of city life. The incomparably beautiful landscape of Tianqiaogou State Forest Park is a consummate work of art. Enjoying a mild and moist climate and four clearly distinct seasons all the year round, the environment of Tianqiaogou State Forest Park is peaceful and elegant.

So to speak, visitors could have a rest and locate in brightness of flowers and birdsongs, silently sample the mystery of "a season and one world, four seasons and four heavens"; look and sit listening to the murmur of the little brook, quietly try to make sense of the secret that "a season scenery belongs to the nature, where not to meet in life."

There're four main scenic areas including 72 tourist spots available like Lotus Flower Peak, Jade Spring Peak, Xiaoyue Peak, Maple Trees Valley and many more. In recent years, the tourist business of Tianqiaogou State Forest Park has gained great achievements by adding some new travel services that assemble a great many of vocational recreation, sightseeing amusement and high-end commercial travel projects into one whole. Being blessed with vigorous scenery and world-class facilities and efficient service, it accommodates the guests both from home and abroad.

The place is also a native wildlife park, with woody plants and mineral efficient herbs. There're also abundant wildlife resources and brown frog resources of important medicinal and economic value. The place has attracted numerous tourists, lovers of the art and photographic lovers from both home and abroad to come here to wield their brush to their hearts' content; artists paint and sketch its natural mountains and waters landscape in pictures; the photography enthusiasts photograph the seasons' aspect in their infinite variety of forms.

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