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Tibet Travel Tips

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Generally, many travelers will not consider Tibet as their first travel choice. The reason is that the transportation there is not advanced. The road to Tibet is rugged. However, as far as I am concerned, it is really an adventure if you visit Tibet. On one hand, you can avoid being faced with crowds. On the other hand, you can view a variety of beautiful sites while travelling in Tibet.

 The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is very famous, which located in Lhasa, the provincial capital of Xizang Autonomous Area. Now, it has been authorized as “the World Cultural Heritage. The Potala Palace was built on the slope of the mountain. It is a large castle-style building with 13 floors from the look and a length of 117 meters. The Potala Palace is considered as the Holy Land of Tibetan’s Buddhism. There are five separated palaces in total. The roofs of all the five palaces are covered with golden glazed tiles. The red palace is in the middle and the white palace stands beside it, skyscraping and majestic. You can also see numerous historic relics while visiting The Potala Palace. There is also a famous park behind the Potala Palace.

The price of a ticket: 200yuan for an adult, 100yuan for one child
Open time: 9:00-16:00
Tips: do not wear on hats while entering into the Potala Palace; do not take photos while in it; do not step on the threshold; please follow the customs of Buddhism. 

Namco Lake

Namco Lake is regarded as the holy lake in Xizhang. It is located in the middle of Xizhang, the north of Tanggula Mountain, 240,000 meters away from Lisa. With a total area of 1940 square kilometers, Namco Lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China. It is also the highest saltwater lake around the world. The altitude of this lake is about 4718 meters. The width from the east to west of the lake is about 70,000 meters and from the south to north is about 30,000 meters. With a vast lake surface and abundance in water and grass resources, Namco Lake has become a large natural ranch. In the early summer, you are able to see herds of animals and birds, such as cattle, goats.

The price of a ticket: 120yuan (summer), 50yuan (winter)
Open time: 6:00-18:00
Best time to visit: July, August, September
Warning: prepare some thick clothing to keep you warm.


Yangpachen is located about 92,000 meters away from the northwest of Lhasa. Yangpachen is famous for terrestrial heat, which is the first wet-steam field exploited in China. It is also the world’s highest geothermal power station. There are a large number of hot spring resorts. You are able to enjoy hot spring resort with a large scale. You can also find the highest hot spring resort or the so called “Baozha Spring” in Yangpachen. The water is rich in minerals. It can cure many kinds of diseases if you frequently come here to enjoy hot spring. On every morning, Yangpachen is enveloped in mist. You will feel as if you were in fairyland. 

There exists a Yangpachen temple in the west of Yangpajin Basin. If you are interested in this temple, you can pay a visit to it after traveling Yangpajin. 

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