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Tips for Mount Lushan

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Lushan is located in Jiangxi province, the outskirts of Jiujiang,near the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake,1500 meters above sea level,it is famous for mountains,green trees,waterfall and waterscape. At the top of the mountains you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery. The highest temperature in summer does not exceed 32 degrees, the average temperature is less than 17 degrees. In winter, there are a lot of snow on the mountains, it maybe arouses traffic inconvenience. Each season has a distinctive flavour, in spring the mountains full of flowers, when autumn comes , you can feel the Lushan "xianqi" in the clouds. Lushan known as the summer resort, the best tourist season is summer. Each year in July and August, the most of people in the mountains. This season, accommodation, tickets and so on all is double of the off-season fee. But if you want to avoid the rush hour,the best choice is autumn or spring.

Lushan Traveling Tips

1. Prepare a good pair of shoes, our trip basically relies on feet to walk, you had better choose tennis shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes and flat shoes, don't wear leather shoes or high heels, plastic bottom or slippery shoes to enter the scenic area. In ice and snow weather, because of slippery road, you will get wrestl very easy, you would better wear sandals or special non-slip shoes with nails.

2. In general, the temperature in the mountain area is lower than the plains region between 7 to 10 degrees, the temperature cooler in the morning and evening, we must do a good job in the warm work. Alpine climate is variable, in ice and snow weather, please pay attention to carry warm clothing and waterproof clothing.

3. The mountain road of Lushan is bending and more urgent curves, some people need to bring anti motion sickness drugs and take half an hour before driving.

4. Due to Lushan is one of the world geological park, green ratio is high, is hard to avoid has mosquitoes and other insects, it is best to take the necessary drugs. Such as toilet water and essential balm to prevent mosquito bites, also with some medical drugs and bandages.

5. In particular need to be reminded that , due to local differences and the food tastes different, may be some tourists did not eat this food,in addition the mountain special circumstances, mealtime may not be on time, prepare some food to eat. The scenic area has many characteristics snacks, pay attention to diet health, try to avoid the hawkers selling food.

Mountain tourism best pay attention to their own safety, do not arbitrarily to scenic spot that is not open and dangerous mountainous area,in the evening ,it is best not to separate activities, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we recommend you'd better invite someone else to go.

To protect the natural environment and reduce the air pollution , Lushan scenic area transport is less but more people, sometimes we have to wait a long time,prepare for the best in advance.
In the scenic area, try to take care of the environment health, not destroy the scenic spot resources.

After reading Lushan traveling tips, perhaps you will want to go ,preparation must be ready before departure, so you can enjoy a nice trip!

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