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Tips for Tibet Travels

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The growing numbers of tourists choosing to travel to Tibet are on the increase every year. Lhasa the capital of Tibet has seen an annual 23% increase in tourists from China and overseas in 2013. Tourism revenues exceeded an estimated 1.34 billion U.S. dollars a 25% increase from 2012.

Yamdrok Lake

Tibet is home to some of the most spectacular natural scenery and wonderful manmade structures. Also with Tibetan Buddhism as the main religion of Tibet there are several famous temples and monasteries to visit such as Jokhang Temple and Samye Monastery. For nature lovers there is the heavenly Namtso Lake and Yamdrok Lake.

Jokhang Temple 

However, as most visitors know that many restrictions apply when visiting Tibet. Firstly travelers must apply for permission to travel to Tibet through the Chinese government. How many permits a traveler requires depends on where in Tibet the traveler plans to visit. Permits are applied through the Tibet Tourism Bureau. The best way to apply for Tibet Travel permits is through local travel agencies who can provide the service or tour that covers applying for the travel permit. Apart from the Tibet Travel Permit you also need to apply for a Chinese Visa to enter China.

Samye Monastery

One of the simplest ways to travel to Tibet is to book a tour through Chinese tourism agencies that specialize in Tibet tours. Taking train routes are becoming increasing popular and you can begin a train trip from Beijing to Lhasa. You may also choose to travel from other cities such Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing.

Namsto Lake 

There are numerous adventurous ways to travel by road to Tibet, however police can take action and arrest any travelers who do not adhere to the rules. Although taking an official tour is more expensive it is much safer than travelling alone. The Tibetan border is a dangerous place especially for inexperienced travelers who are travelling alone for the first time.

We strongly recommend any first time travelers to travel in an organized tour due to unfamiliarity of culture and customs of Tibet. Any traveler with permission to visit Tibet should know the local customs, especially the often changing regulations regarding which areas of Tibet require additional permits.

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