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Tips for Traveling in Yunnan

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 How is the weather there?

  • The climate in Yunnan stay quiet throughout the whole year which generally at 10℃-15℃, while daily range of temperature is huge, which could be at 12℃-20℃. In summer, the average temperature is at 19℃-22℃;in Winter, it’s at 6℃-8℃. Bring enough clothing if you want a comfortable travel.



  • Rainy season and dry season is obvious in Yunnan. Flush precipitation is primarily from June to August, accounting for 60% of yearly rainfall. While November to April in the next year belongs to dry season, accounting for 10%-20% of year rainfall, or less.




 How is the living expense there?

  • Compared to developed zones, the price in Yunnan is relatively low. Somehow in hot spots, price is higher. For instance, the price in Lijiang could be almost equal with Kunming’s -- the capital in Yunnan, some even a little higher.


  • Average price per person in Kunming for lunch would be RMB50 unless trying rice noodles which will be at RMB 10 or so.


 Dos and Don’ts

  • Bring your sun cream and sunglasses against strong ultraviolet rays there.

  • It’s can’t be wrong to prepare cold medication, medicine for enterogastritis,carsick medicine and Insect Repellent Lotion.

  • Have a rest in time in case of altitude stress.

  • The Chinese minority nationalities mainly inhabit in Yunnan Province, so the custom is different from other places in China. Respect the difference, and you’ll be a good traveler.

  • A good new to heavy-flavor buffs is that foods in Yunnan are mostly spicy.

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