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Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area in Ningxia

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Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area is located in the hinterland of the great Tenggerli desert in Zhongwei County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, about thirty kilometers away from the Zhongwei county town. Tonghu Prairie Tourist Area is a collection of various natural and cultural landscapes including the desert, salt lake, wetland prairie, sandy spring, oasis, villages and rock paintings.

Tong Lake is, as the term suggests, the water of the lake that is connected with each other. There're indeed the shining waters of a crystal lake hundreds of years ago. Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area is linked with the first national 4A class tourism zone Shapo Head that is a renowned scenic area integrating with desert, river, mountain and oasis.

The beauty spot is surrounded by the sands. The sandy peaks are standing at intervals along the river. The gently rolling hills are scattered randomly over the beauty spot. The broad grassland with a glossy golden sheen showed off its infinite beauty, like the waves of the sea fluttered freely from all sides, yet it's suddenly locked up by being casting spells with the green grass looks like a carpet and a stretch of lake, which had formed the desert wetland prairie from hundreds of miles away.

The vast expanse of the boundless sea-like desert must be accounted one of the more ludicrous phenomena of Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area. Moreover, it's also the fortress of North Road on the ancient Silk Road, an ancient trade route, ancient salt path as well as the ruins of the ancient Great Wall, ancient battlefields and ancient business city.

The stories and fables through the ages as well as the desert herdsmen growing or multiplying on horseback generation after generation and sharing their weal and woe with the grassland are also the important features of the place, as a result, the beauty spot is true to its name as the garden of Eden in desert.

Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area is mainly made up of the mighty Tenggerli desert, the grassland with the richly green grass, a wide variety of lakes and the Camel Hill on the grassland rising above the great desert and many other natural resources of its own unique features. Under the unique creature of nature, they both existed independently of each other and joined into a harmonious whole, charming and wonderful, beautiful and splendid.

On the setting of tourism projects, according to the resources features of the desert grassland, Tonghu Prairie Scenic Area had developed many featured tourist items. Especially they develop a new style of their own, opened up the adventure projects of surfing on the sandy sea called the cheetahs on the desert.

When you sit on the high-powered cross-country vehicle undergone a major renaissance, you could gently drive through the sandy sea and the valley of the mountain, move about freely and quickly, put all to rout wherever you went. All of the tourism projects are close to the nature and participatory. It has become the common thing that the scenic area is therefore caressed by travelers from all sides. 

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