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Top 10 Beautiful Islands in China (2)

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No.6 Temple Island Archipelago



Temple Island Archipelago (Miao Dao) is located in the Liaodong Peninsula of Shandong Province. Made up of 32 islets the main islands that attract tourists are Long Island and Bird Island. Jiuzhang Cliff Scenic Area, Moon Bay and Wangfu Reef are popular amongst tourists who visit the island. Upon Long Island is also the largest Matsu Temple in northern China. The best time to visit the Island is from May until October, the peak season with the most number of tourists is in July and August.  


No.7 Putuoshan Island



Over the years Putuoshan Island has become a popular place to visit for devoted Buddhist followers. Located four hours from Shanghai visiting the island is a must do for those who plan on touring Zhejiang Province. The symbol of Putuoshan Island is the statue of Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. The statue is 33 meters in height and can been seen from many different areas of the island.


No.8 Dayushan Island



Fujian Dayushan Island is situated in Fuding and is the largest island of Fujian Province. The island coastline stretches 31.4 kilometers and is 400 meters above sea level. Surrounded by two lakes that are 1,000 meters apart both lakes have spring openings where the water is crystal clear. There are over 20 hills that range from small to large.  


No.9 Linjin Island & Nanding Island



Linjin Island and Nanding Island are both part of. Binhai Volcano National Geological Park Both islands are famous for their basalt rock formations where there is an estimated 1.4 million basalt rock pillars.


No.10 Hailing Island



Hailing Island is located in Yangjiang city of Guangdong Province. The costal line is 123.5 kilometers in length and covers a total area of 107.8 square kilometers and is the second largest island of Guangdong Province. Hailing Island is known for its beach resorts and seafood. The average annual temperature is 22.8 degrees which is suitable for tourists to visit all year round.  

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