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Top 10 Beautiful Lakes in China(Part 2)

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No.6 Jingpo Lake

Situated in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province, the Jingpo Lake has gained its wide reputation as a famous scenic spot and summer resort in China. Jingpo Lake is the largest Alpine barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world.

Jingpo Lake attracts tourists there for its natural peace and serenity just as its name Jingpo means "peace as a mirror" in Chinese. The charm of Jingpo Lake lies in its peculiar and rare volcanic landscapes, the scattered islands in the lake, the magic and magnificent Diaoshuilou waterfall and rich flora and fauna resources. Surrounded by mountains, Jingpo Lake sleeps with attractive winding curves. This elegant lake stands out with its unique plain beauty.

No. 7 Kanas Lake

Kanas means "beautiful, rich and mysterious" in Mongolian. And this exactly explains the feature of Kanas Lake. Kanas Lake could be found in the south slope of the Friendship Peak, which is the main peak of the magnificent snow-capped Altay Mountains.

Kanas Lake is quiet and secluded with ultra blue color. The surroundings are primitive forests with rare trees and dense grass, which makes the lake more mysterious. When coming to Kanas Lake, tourists can enjoy the spectacular of Buddha's light, lake monster, color changeable lake and long deadwood beach. The picturesque scenery fames it as the "Asian Switzerland".

No.8 Yuncheng Salt Lake

The Yuncheng Salt Lake situated in Shanxi Province is renowned as "China's Dead Sea". This ancient lake covers a large area of 132 square kilometers. Black mud in the Yuncheng Salt Lake contains seven kinds of constant elements and 16 kinds of trace elements, especially the rich sulfate which has great benefits to the human body.

Except the magicness, the Yuncheng Salt Lake actually has attractive views. There grows rich water plants and surrounds dense seaweeds. The criss-crossed paths among the vast lake area with the glittering ripples and the decoration of lively birds, the Salt Lake gets the simple and natural beauty. Tourists can enjoy the fun of black mud bathing and salt floating when enjoying the beautiful scenery.

No.9 Wuhan East Lake

Wuhan East Lake is the largest city lake in China covering an area of 88 square kilometers. Wuhan East Lake has great natural beauties and is one of the major scenic spots in Wuhan.

The twists and turns of the lake shorelines stagger with each other, the lake is surrounded by rolling mountains and lush forests. It is a lake that is suitable to travel in four seasons. Spring for green water and colorful flowers, summer for a refresh and pleasant water fasting, autumn for the charms of red leaves and sweet osmanthus flowers, and winter to enjoy the snow and plum blossoms.

No.10 Taiping Lake

Taiping Lake is nestled to the Mount Huangshan in the south and Mount Jiuhua in the north. Taiping Lake lies in the way to the great Mount Huangshan. As one of the major scenic spots in the Anhui Province, Taiping Lake has been a hot destination for tourists because of its beautiful and attractive scenery.

Taiping Lake has picturesque landscapes of lake and mountain. The clear and clean blue water reflected with the rolling mountains sets off the scattered islands, forming the elegant scenery. Taiping Lake is praised as "the Couple of Mount Huangshan" and "Oriental Geneva"

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