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Top 4 Chengdu Halal Restaurants

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Chengdu has a fantastic variety of Halal restaurants for Muslim tourists to choose from! From local snacks to the famous spicy Sichuan cuisine, there are numerous Halal restaurants and snack stall available! Below are the Top 4 Chengdu Halal restaurants that Muslim2China highly recommend. 

No.1 Yue Xiang Cun



Yue Xiang Cun Restaurant was established in 1940 and was honored as a China Time-honored Brand in 1995. The restaurant serves Halal Sichuan Cuisine and is very famous amongst the Muslim community of Chengdu. The original Yue Xiang Cun Restaurant was located on Dongyu Street and also had a teahouse. After moving to its new location on Dongchenggen South Street the restaurant decided to add more choices to its menu including famous dishes from Xinjiang and Ningxia. 

Address: No.66 Dongchenggen South Street 

Telelphone: 028-8614852 


No.2 Tianfang Lou 



Tianfang Lou is another restaurant popular with the Muslim community in Chengdu. The restaurant serves Sichuan and Xinjiang Halal cuisine with Big Plate Chicken and mutton skewers being the most popular dishes. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with Xinjiang characters and paintings. Event the waiters and waitresses are dressed in traditional costumes. 

Address: No.108 Xiyu Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Telephone: 028-86144821


No 3.Huangchengba Beef Restaurant 



Huangchengba Beef Restaurant is one the busiest Halal restaurants in Chengdu. With great prices and a menu of delicious cuisine it’s no wonder people queue here every day to get into the restaurant to order their favorite dishes. The tomato and beef soup is always a firm favorite with the customers and rice flour steamed beef is always tasty. 

Address: No.2 Xiaojiahe Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu 

No.4 Safari Dubai Restaurant 



Safari Dubai Restaurant is known for its range of Lebanese, Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. You can try a variety of dishes the fresh yoghurt, hummus, grilled meats and salads are the star dishes of the restaurant. Many customers have rated the restaurant with 5 stars based on taste and services so it’s definitely worth visiting to try out the scrumptious Halal food! 

Address: No. 150 Kehua Zhong Road, No. 7 Jinying Huixin Block 3, Chengdu 

Telephone: 028-67638282




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