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Top Attractions in China

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Travelling in China is really an enjoyable thing. You can not only view a wide range of sceneries, such as mountains, museums, but also taste infinite delicious dishes. One of the top attractions in China is introduced in this article.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is located in the northeastern of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, which is both the biggest inland and saltwater lake in China. The total area is up to 4583 square meters. The lake has a circumference of about 360 kilometers. The deepest part of the lake is about 38 meters. The catchment area of Qinghai Lake is about 29,661 square meters. The lake-surface elevation is about 3,196 meters. 

Covering a vast area and facilitating a beautiful environment, Qinghai Lake is also called “the most beautiful lake in China”. The whole lake is mainly surrounded by four mountains. Riyue Mountain lies in the east of Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Nanshan lies in the south of this lake. Rubber Mountain lies in the west. The altitude of all the four mountains ranges from 3600 to 5000 meters. Looking around the lake, you will find that Qinghai Lake is protected by the four mountains. Walking from the mountain to the lake, you will see the boundless prairie. Four mountains, Qinghai Lake and boundless prairie form a magnificent picture which is full of natural landscape.

There are five small lakes inside Qinghai Lake. There is Hoi hill, Hercynian hill, Bird Island, three stone and sand islands. 
The sceneries on the islands are very beautiful. There is a spring lying at the east of the island. The water is drinkable. Sand Island once was the biggest islands inside Qinghai Lake. It was formed by the accumulation of sand. Bird Island is one of the most important scenic spot which is open to tourists.

 When to Visit

With a typical plateau continental climate, the weather in here is fairly cold in winter and rather cool in summer. However, you will experience a lot of strong wind and dust storms if you come here in spring. Hence, you had better choose to visit Qinghai Lake from May to June or from July to August. You need to visit Qinghai Lake if you love to see herds of birds. You are able to see a field of rape flowers and beautiful blue water while travelling there from July to August. In addition, the weather is very cool at that time. 

The price of one ticket: 100 Yuan (Peak Season), 50 Yuan (Off Peak Season);
Other information: the ticket you buy will be valid in three days, you are also allowed to visit Bird Island, Sand Island and Erlangjian. 

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