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Top Destinations to Enjoy the Beauty of Azaleas

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February for plum blossoms, March for peach blossoms, April for cherry blossoms, and it finally come to the prime time of azaleas on this May. Azalea has its gorgeous beauty by its bright colors and splendid blossoms. Azaleas have different colors. There are dark red, light red, rose, purple, white and other colors. Whenever in April and May, when a mountain of azaleas in full bloom, that’s a sea of brightness and colors in the shape of rainbows.

Azaleas are loved by people not only because of its bright colors and beautiful shapes, but more importantly by the active spirit they covey to people. They are born to have a nature of hotness and activeness and arouse your love for nature and life. It is said that people who love azaleas are innocent people. So are you that type?

There are many places to enjoy the splendid azaleas in China. Here are some top and popular destinations where you can go for the admiration of azaleas.

Tiantai Mountain in Zhejiang Province

Tiantai Mountain is renowned as a famous Taoist mountain with beautiful and elegant scenery. But at the top of Huading Peak of Tiantai Mountain, there grows the Yunjing Azalea which is called the king of azalea as it is the oldest, tallest and largest azalea in the world. Most of the Yunjin azaleas are four to five meters and are bloomed into groups with 7 to 13 azaleas curled up. These azaleas grow in valley, their gorgeous beauties set off the elegance of the Tiantai Mountain. Especially these azaleas are curled up by the fairy mist among the mountain, making it more attractive. Every May 20th is the tourism day of Tiantai Mountain when there will a series of activities held.

Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi Province

Jinggang Mountain is famous as the cradle of the Chinese communist revolution. While among the verdant forests and towering trees, there are dotted with different colors of azaleas. Some are red, pink, white and many other colors in more than 30 varieties. When breezes come, the dancing flickering azaleas would make you drunken at their beauties. The Bijianshan Peak in the Jinggang Mountains is the best place to fully enjoy the beauty of azaleas.

Sejila Mountain in Tibet

Sejila Mountain is located in the southeast of Nyingchi in Tibet. Nyingchi has the most beautiful scenery of peach blossoms in March, while it comes to the prime period of azaleas in late April to late June. At this time, you will see an imposing scenery of azaleas in different colors which provide some gentle flavors to the towering mountains.

Bijie in Guizhou Province

Bijie is known as “the Kingdom of Azaleas” as its Baili Azaleas Forest Park has the largest azaleas planting area in China. There will be Baili Azaleas Festival held every year when azaleas are in full bloom. At this time, a park of azaleas overwhelmed by bright colors and sweet fragrance attract many tourists there.

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