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Top Places to Enjoy Peach Blossoms in China at Spring

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Every flower has its own prime season. Summer has lotus and orchids, autumn has chrysanthemum and osmanthus, winter has plum blossoms and azaleas. And for spring, the blooming season for hundreds of flowers, there are many kinds of flowers to enjoy. Viburnum, rapes, peony, cherry, jasmine and camellia, all these flowers get their prime season at spring. And, the peach blossoms. The pink and white peach blossoms that have the enchanting beauty and fascinating charm make them outstanding in the spring. Their bright beauties just like the fresh and lively of spring that gives you joy and smiles.

For the admiration of peach blossoms in spring when come to China, there are some famous places that are specialized for the sight-viewing of peach blossoms. Here are some recommended places.

Taohua Island (Peach Blossom Island) in Zhoushan Archipelago

Taohua Island located in the southeast of Zhoushan Archipelago in Zhejiang province is one of the famous place for its picturesque scenery. It has rich tourism resources of sea, hills, stones, reefs, caves, temples, flowers, trees, birds, cultural relics and the ancient legends.


It seems that anything at this island is related to peach blossom, whether the Peach Blossom Bay or the Peach Blossom Valley. When the season of peach blossoms comes, groups of peach blossoms bloom in white or pink, or light pink that are quite beautiful with the enchanting charm and will make you smile. Let alone its mysteries under Louis Cha's famous writings, Toahua Island is one of the best place for the admiration of peach blossoms.


Travel tips for Taohua Island
Location: Southeast of Zhoushan Islands in Zhejiang Province
Entrance fee:
Joint Ticket: CNY140
Taohua Village: CYN45
Studio City for The Legend of The Condor Heroes: CNY50
Giant Buddha Rock Scenic Spot: CNY50
Anqi Peak Scenic Spot: CNY45
Taohua Valley Scenic Spot: CNY45
Tawan Golden Sand Scenic Spot: CNY30 (November 1 – April 25), CNY58(April 26 – October 30)
Main sights: Taohua Islands, Studio City for The Legend of The Condor Heroes, Giant Buddha Rock Scenic Spot, Anqi Peak Scenic Spot, Tawan Golden Sand, Taohua Valley Scenic Spot
Recommended time for visit: 1-2 days; June to October
Featured food: seafood
Transportation: ferry
1. Taohuayuan Hotel Tel: 0580-6062666
2. Tawan Jinsha Holiday Hotel Tel: 0580-6063333
Related attractions: Putuo Mountain, Dongji Island

Peach Blossom Spring (Taohuayuan) in Changde

With the magnificent Ruan River in the front and the majestic Wulinyuan mountains nestled in the backwards, Peach Blossom Spring in Taohuayuan County of Changde City has the great spectacular to enjoy the beauty of peach blossoms.


Peach Blossom Brook, There are mountains and hills, tall trees and bamboos, green grass, stream, bridge and temple, all these set off with the bright peach blossom and form a fairy land. After getting through the memorial gateway of the Peach Blossom Spring and mounted the Peach Blossom Hill, you will see the trickling Peach Blossom Brook. Right of the brook, there locates the dense peach garden which is the place to watch and smell the peach blossoms. And the Peach Blossom Festival held every March to April brings a lot of activities and entertainment to know more and enjoy more.


Travel tips for Peach Blossom Spring (Taohuayuan)
Location: 15 kilometers southwest of Taoyuan County, Changde City, Hunan Province
Entrance fee:
CNY75 (March - October)
CNY65 (November - February)
Main sights: Taohua Ling, Taoyuan Mountain, Taohua Mountain, Qinren Village
Recommended time for visit: half day/one day; Every March 26 is the Peach Blossom Festival
Featured food: local dishes
Transportation: Road. It takes one hour from Changde City to Peach Blossom Spring
Related attractions: Zhangjiajie (two and an half hour’s driving); Mao Zedong’s Former Residence in Shaoshan (three hours’ driving)

Bansha Village at Zhejiang Province

Banshan Village of Fuyang Xindeng Town of Zhejiang Province has famed as “Peach Blossom Village”. Whenever peach blossom bloom, the peach garden gives a sea of ever bright peach blossoms with the area of 93.3 hectares. The overflowing peach blossoms with different shapes and postures become more charming under the hazy breezes. Groups of peach blossoms like balls of pink flames that burning the whole village and shine the blue sky.


Travel tips for Banshan Village
Location: Banshan Village, Fuyang Xindeng Town, Zhejiang Province
Entrance Fee: free
Recommended time for a visit: half day/ a day; March – early April when there holds the Banshan Peach Blossom Festival
Featured food: farm food
Main sights: peach blossoms with an area of 93.3 hectares
Transportation: Road. It takes one hour and 50 minutes driving from Hangzhou.
Related attraction: Hangzhou City; Fuyang City: Longmen Ancient Town, Tongtian Waterfall, Xinsha Island, the largest paraglide base in Asia. 

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