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Top Scenic Spots to Enjoy Snow in China at This Winter

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Green for spring, blue for summer, golden for autumn, white for winter, this is like flowers for springs, water for summers, leaves  for autumns, snow for winters. At this current season, snow has become the most popular decoration to add extra fun and additional beauty to those charming attractions. Before you take a winter trip to enjoy the beauties of snow, it is advised to have a quick view of the top popular attractions to enjoy snow in  China.

No.1 Remnant Snow on the Broken Bridge

Remnant Snow on the Broken Bridge is one of the 10  scenes of West Lake. This scenic spot is famous for its unique scene of the "broken" bridge. At winter, the whole West Lake is in silver snowy white. The bridge is also covered with snow, but when sunshine comes out, snow in the middle  sunny arch part has melted while the two shadow ends are still covered with  snow. At this time, when you standing in the Baoshi Mountain and looking far to  the south direction where the broken bridge lies in, you will find the bridge  is obscurely broken in the middle arch part. The bridge reflection combines  with the beautiful surrounded mountains and waters draws lively and dreamy scenery.


No.2 Snow Town

China'Snow Town is definitely the top place to enjoy the grand scenery of heavy snow where you can appreciate the beautiful sunrise  at snowy Yangcao Mountain, ride snow sled, enjoy exciting snow skiing, live in  warm cabins and wander at the racecourses.


No.3 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Located in Naxi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province,Yulong(Jade Dragon)Snow Mountain is snow-capped all the year around.It is famous for its steep,  peculiar, beautiful and elegant style with the fantasy,snowy and changeable scenic spots.



No.4 Mount Huangshan

Compared with the heavy snow in the north of China,  snow scenery at Mount Huangshan is much more delicate and fantasy. Those rugged rocks are more jagged under snow, upon green pine trees hanging the crystal  rimes. Snowflakes are dancing with wind, while the dreamy sea of clouds are accompanying hints of Buddha’s light. What'more, the glittering silver mountain should  never be missed out in winters.

No. 5 Mulan Paddock

When the vast Mulan Paddock is covered with thick  snow, when rimes hanging in the birches, when the fantasy misty fog rising from the forest, when the sun rises behind the snow paddock and smokes curling from  the chimneys from the cabins, rivers still flowing, there come several horses or the remote exciting screams of skiers, every single emotion has melted into the beautiful scenery.


Mulan Mulan-Paddock2.png 



No.6 Jiuzhaigou Valley

At the early winter, you can see two seasons in  Jiuzhaigou Valley. The peaks and valleys are covered with white snow. While  under the snow line, there are still red maples, green pine trees and golden  birches. Sceneries of the two different seasons make Jiuzhaigou more attractive  at early winter. The snow-covered Snow Peak is like a brave soldier with silver  white coat standing alongside to protect the valley silently, its silver  whiteness glitters under the blue sky. The whole valley become peaceful and  silent under the snow, and become more mysterious with the solemn Long Sea in  snow, the peaceful but exaggeratedly colorful Five Flower Lake under the thin  ice layer, the torrent burst out from the Pearl Shoal, and the soft Reed Lake. All these splendid spots set off the snow scenery makes Jiuzhaigou Valley a  good place to enjoy the beauty of snow.



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