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Top Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China Par-III

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7.Chogori Peak in Xinjiang


Chogori Peak, the main peak of Karakorum Range, is located in Yecheng County, Kashgar Region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. With the height of 8,611 meters, Chogori is the second highest peak in the world after Mount Everest. Chogori Peak is internationally known as K2, where K stands for Karakoram and 2 means it is the second peak listed. Also K2 is the only major mountain in the world that has surveyor’s notation as its common name. Chogori is a transliteration of Tajik language, meaning “high, great and magnificent”. Because of the dangerous landform and changeable weather, Chogori is very difficult to ascend and also it has the third highest death rate off all the 8,000 meters peaks.



8.Mount Kailash in Tibet


Mount Kailash is the main peak of Kailas Range. It is located in Pulan County, Ngari Prefecture of Tibet. Mount Kailash is regarded as the most sacred mountain in Ngari region and it is reputed as “Home of all the Gods” as it is considered as a sacred place for the four religions of Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism and Jainism. The sacredness of Mount Kailash lies in its irregular geographical features. Its sunny slope is snow-covered all the year round, but its shady slope is almost clean from snow. Even covered by snow, they will melt immediately when the sun rises. This mysterious feature is opposite to natural rules, in addition to its magnificence and solemnity with strange rocks, valley, primitive forests and clear streams, Mount Kailash empowers visual and spirit impact on people. It is hard to see its true face, because Mount Kailash is covered by mist throughout the year.



9.Mount Tai in Shandong Province


Mount Tai is one of the “Five Great Mountains” in China. It is located in Tai’an County, in the middle of Shandong Province. With its unique natural beauty, historical and cultural significance, Mount Tai is regarded the leader of the five great mountains and is the most climbed mountain in China. Despite its enchanting scenery formed by peaks, valleys, waterfalls, rocks, flora and fauna, Mount Tai is remarked by its four spectacles of Sunrises from the East, the Sunset Glow, the Sea of Clouds and the Golden Belt along the Yellow River. At the same time, Mount Tai is abundant in historical and cultural relics and artworks. It also played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism. Mount Tai is an ideal destination for tourists interested in mountain-climbing and sightseeing.

Mount-Tai-in- Shandong-Province.jpg


10.Mount Emei in Sichuan Province


Mount Emei is located in southwest of Sichuan Basin on the upper range of Yangtze River. It is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China and is a popular place for pilgrimage since ancient times. Mount Emei enjoys world-wide reputation for its striking natural scenery, profound Buddhist culture, diverse flora and fauna, and rich historical heritages. The four spectaculars of sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, and Buddhist halo are something should not miss out. Also there are about 30 ancient temples constructed in Mount Emei. Mount Emei, together with Leshan Giant Buddha, was included on the list of world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO in 1996.


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