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Touches the Flickering Pulse of Tianzhu Mountain

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World-famous Tianzhu Mountain lies within Qianshan County, Anqing City in Anhui Province. The scenic spot is only 9 kilometers away from the city. The mountain rises 1488.4 meters above sea-level. Visitors could take into view the slender sword-shaped Tianzhu standing like a sky-kissing pillar. The name Tianzhu Mountain has actually originated from this.

Tianzhu Mountain was richly endowed by nature in cultural landscape and natural landscape. The total area of the mountain is 333 square kilometers, and its main scenic area accounts for 82.46 square kilometers. It's a perfect combination of culture and natural landscape, which is considered as one of China's most famous mountain in the history of Chinese culture. It's also known as "South Sacred Mountain" since ancient times. It's most famous for the forest and the nice plant and animal habitats.

The special landform of this mountain makes it perfect tourist place. The grotesque rocks, great waterfalls and ever-flowing springs, and canyons are typical of lofty mountain ranges the world over. Tianzhu Mountain seemed wise and powerful, and terrifying in its size. An indefinite number of stone peaks seem to have risen straight up from the plains, assuming a thousand different shapes, and picturesque rocks came with weird-looking shapes.

The mountain appeared against the sky, showing their rugged peaks in bold relief. When it comes to rocks and mountains, the idea that most of Chinese still retain is a suggestion of the rugged, "dangerous" and majestic lines of rocky peaks. Here you could experience cloud-shrouded peaks and secluded, torrent-filled gullies by yourself.

The mountain is also rich in fantastic caves and curious stones, which display an infinite variety of shapes perfectly. And it's also famous the world over for its green hills, clear waters, secluded caves and spectacular rocks. Tianzhu Peak with a peculiar piece of stone could shine vividly under the sun. A sky-kissing peak looking like a stone column has risen out of the plain ground which today is recognized as the Peak of Tianzhu.

When you're gazing at Mystery Valley that combines the spacious valley and the caves with narrow flow of water, a feeling of strangeness and mystery would come over you at once. It is said that what is known as the Liandai Lake on the island was where once they had drawn water to do their alchemic experiments. Tianchi Lake at the Tianshan Mountains could be the rival to Tianzhu Mountain in respect of scenic charm and historical interest. Liandai Lake is also the third largest with an elevation of 1,100 metres above sea level.

Besides uncountable striking natural attractions, places of historic figures and cultural heritage are also fantastic in the Tianzhu Mountain. A ring of hills encountered the great dramatic stage carpeted with green pines and bamboos. There're lots of great cultural landscape here, among which is the famous Sanzu temple that stands on the foot of the Tianzhu Mountain, it is a famous temple whose history could date back to the early period of the Tang Dynasty. The best season for traveling is the annual spring, summer and autumn. 

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