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Travel Tips for Ancient Kaifeng City

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If time reverse back to 1,000 years, Kaifeng, the ancient city along Yellow River, is the most prosperous, rich and beautiful capital with the largest population in the whole world when Northern Song Dynasty. Now history is history, Kaifeng has become an international tourism city of great culture and history. Even those glories of the past are as ephemeral as smoke and cloud, today Kaifeng is still a ancient city with pristine, dignified and charming atmosphere.

Kaifeng is located in Henan Province, close to Zhengzhou city which is the capital of Henan province. Kaifeng is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China. When travel to Kaifeng, there are a lot to see and enjoy, scenic sites, folk culture and local flavors, all these would give you a great time.
What to see at Kaifeng city?

Millennium City Park

Millennium City Park is a theme park that archaizes the masterpiece painting of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival which describes a general view of folk customs and habits of Song Dynasty. Whne travel to Millennium City Park, you can experience people’s life at ancient Song Dynasty. Dress Song costumes, enjoying ancient buildings of gate building, Rainbow Bridge, street view, riverways, wine shops, tea house and so on, at the same time watching folk performances that are famous at Song Dynasty... That’s the casual and pleasant life at that famous painting, but you are experiencing now.


Longting is actually a palace built above a huge black brick base which is as high as 13 meters. Here you can learn valuable cultural relics, overlook the beautiful overview scenery of Kaifeng city. There are two lakes , Lake Pan and Lake Yang, standing opposite to each other alongside the avenue in front of Longting, which adds more attractions to Longting.

Daxiangguo Temple

This is a famous Buddhist temple, located in the downtown of Kaifeng. It was a royal temple for Northern Song Dynasty. Daxiangguo Temple is a complex of several halls. Its elaborate layout, delicate wooden carving arts, magnificent architecture and solemn atmosphere has attracted a lot of people.

Also there are l lot of other sites worth visiting there, Iron Tower, Lord Bao Memorial Temple, Kaifeng Temple and so on.

What to eat at Kaifeng?

First of all, at Kaifeng you can taste native Yu cuisine. Youyixin Restaurant , locating at downtown, is a good recommendation where you can enjoy authentic and delicious Yu cuisine. Also there are many special and unique local flavor snacks at Kaifeng city. The most famous one is soup dumplings. Then almond tea, mutton steamed bun, eight-treasure rice pudding and so on. You really should tray these special flavors when you come to Kaifeng.


Hotels for accommodations focus in Gulou area at the downtown. This place is very convenient to many scenic sites and for enjoy local food. By the way, Kaifeng Hotel is recommended for its special archaizing garden-styled hotel. 

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