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Travel Tips for A Road Trip to Yangmeikeng Beach

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Have you ever thought about that how to catch the tail-end of hot summer when the golden and pleasant autumn is around the corner? It is dreamlike to pay a visit to those enchanting islands and beaches to completely free yourself and passions and get a great mood to welcome the autumn. Among those beaches in Shenzhen the Yangmeikeng Beach is one of the must-see attractions, where boasts unexploited valleys and beaches.


Located opposite to Daya Bay, the northwest side of Nan’ao Town, Dapeng Peninsula, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Yangmeikeng Beach is oft-lauded as the most beautiful coastline in Shenzhen as well as the the most attractive trench with the most natural views.


Yangmeikeng Beach is also a heaven for taking wedding photos, where you will see many brides and bridegrooms with wedding dress around the sightseeing spots.


As the place where the famous movie The Mermaid, directed by Hong Kong director Stephen Chow Singchi, was mostly shot, Yangmeikeng Beach is greatly popular among the audience for its unique beauty.


Take a road trip to Yangmeikeng Beach will give you a great chance to enjoy natural views dotted with green mountains, soft sands, cool winds, blue sky, holy clean water, surfing, diving, especially watch the peaceful sunrise and sunset in a big wooden house. Luzui-Wooden2.JPG

There are four main and amazing activities you should try when visit the beach, including surfing in yachts, taking a fishing-boat, river trekking and ride-cycling along the coastline.


It is not only a superb destination for friends gathering or family outdoor activities, but also a fabulous place for companies to strengthen team building.


Road Trip Route: Drive to Yantian-Bagang Highway (S30 Highway) from the downtown of Shenzhen, then get off at Kuiyong Crossing (葵涌路口). Turn to Pengnan Avenue(鹏南大道)on the left to Shuitou Crossing(水头路口), then turn left to Shuitou Seafood Markets, you will see the guidepost Yangmeikeng (杨梅坑). Then drive straight along the main road, via Jidiaosha and Longcheer Yacht Club, then you will arrive at Yangmeikeng Village. The time for the whole driving route is about 2.5 hours.

Admission: Free!!!

Opening Hours: All day 

Toll Fee: About 30 yuan for round trip

Parking Fee: 20 yuan

Fuel Cost: About 130 yuan      

Recommended Hours for Visit: Half of the day ~ one day

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