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Travel guide of Maliuxi village at Hubei province

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Maliuxi village was a serendipitous discovery during our tour at Enshi, Hubei province. After visiting the “Golden Cave” at Xianfeng county, we decided to have a look at Qiang ethnic group’s famous stilted house. The locals said that just nearby the “Golden Cave” there was a native Qiang village where the stilted houses were well-preserved. That village was Maliuxi. We followed the instruction of the locals and after only 4 kilometers’ drive we arrived at the village. There was a bridge behind the stone caved sign of “Maliuxi”, leading to the village. Below runs a stream with water so clear that you can see its stream bed. The village is surrounded with mountains where there are strange-shaped stones and prosperous plants.

The bridge to Maliuxi village

The first noteworthy feature of Maliuxi was its vast tea plantation. On the hillside, by the stream, in front of the houses, we saw tea plantation everywhere since the moment we stepped into the village. Parts of plantations connected to each other and formed into an ocean of green. It was quite refreshing strolling around such places. According to the locals, the area of tea plantations in the village accounts for over one square kilometer. Tea production is what has been supporting the village’s economy.

The second noteworthy feature of Maliuxi was the stilted houses. Unlike what we have seen and imagined, the stilts were short and the houses were extended with big balconies. They looked rather comfy to live in. The exterior was made of processed wood which contained a strong breath of nature. Some of the houses aligned in rows while the other stood solo at the hillside.

The third feature that was worth mentioning was the square at the center of the village called Daughter’s stockade. Qiang people are fond of dancing and singing. They hold over 60 soirees a year at the square where Qiang young women perform a variety of dancing and singing activities. It was a pity that we didn’t stay a night at Maliuxi. We might be able to catch a show if we were lucky.

Now that I think about it, Maliuxi village was indeed a special place. We have been to some villages during our tour at Hubei province. But we haven’t seen anything quite like it. Without any bricks or cement, the houses there were made completely of wood. The bridges, stream, houses were so perfectly combined at such a beautiful location. It was no exaggeration to call Maliuxi a land of idyllic beauty.

There were some tourists at Maliuxi, but not a lot. The local dishes were tasteful yet not expensive. The locals tend to charge based on the number of people they serve, kind of like a buffet. 


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