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Travel to Delightful Apricot Valley in Yili This April

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Far in the northern China, there locates the Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture which has attracted many tourists there every year for its gorgeous natural scenery. Famed as “the Jiangnan beyond the north of the Great Wall”, Yili is said to have the most beautiful scenery in Xinjiang. Only to mention the vast Nanati Grassland, romantic Lavender Garden, enchanting Sayram Lake, and the splendid Kazak local customs, you may be eager to fly to Yili to find its charms. But for an April tour in Yili, the beautiful Apricot Valley should be the best destination to enjoy the beauty of Yili.

Situated in Tuergen Township, Xinyuan County in Yili, Apricot Valley has been famed for its natural beauties of abundant apricot trees and attractive apricot blossoms in the vast green valley. It has the largest apricot forest in Xinjiang area and has the most enchanting sea of pink and white apricot blossoms.

April is the right season to visit Apricot Valley when apricot blossoms in full bloom. When you come to the Apricot Valley, what attracts you first should be the perfect blended colorful picture, the pink and white apricot blossoms blended with the vast green carpet. There are groups of apricot trees or some scattered apricot trees spinning over the 2,000 hectares valley. But these apricot blossoms are never alone, the winding slopes and their charming lines just curve the whole picture and make it more solid and picturesque.



When mounting on the undulating slopes, when waves of spring breezes blow, take a deep breath to feel your body and mind relaxes in the mixed fresh fragrance of apricot and grasses. If you close your eyes, you will be drunk at this dreamy world.

The Apricot Valley is not only peacefully beautiful, it is also vividly with the join of horses and sheep. Views from this slope to that slope is different and unique, and the fun of riding a horse around the valley expects a lot. You will always find surprises when you run from this slope to that one, as you never what beauty behind the other slope. This is very interesting.


Apricot Valley not only satisfies your eyes, also it has great moments for your camera. Apricot Valley has its most beautiful moments in sunrise and under sunset. Most tourists will try to capture the best picture for every single scene at these two times. Some people would camp in the valley to enjoy the special night of the valley and wait until the next morning for the first sunshine to cover the whole valley.

An outgoing at the Apricot Valley is always a pleasant journey. A mountain of bright blossoms, an eye of green, a nose of fragrance, an ear of laughter and smiles, and a heart of satisfaction, this is what you get from the tour to the Apricot Valley.

Travel tips for Apricot Valley in Yili City
Location: Tuergen Township, Xinyuan County, Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang
Entrance Fee:
Low season: CNY60 (April 1 – May 31; October 1 – November 30)
Peak season: CNY75 (June 1 – September 30)
Preferential travel time: CNY22.5 (December 1 – next March 1)
Featured food: Xinjiang food
Accommodation: recommend camping at Apricot Valley
Transportation: carriage
Related tourism city: Urumqi, Turpan, Korla

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