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Travel to Inner Mongolia in Winter

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The ice and snow in Hulunbeir retained the longest time and is the most abundant cultural natural snow in China. The hills are covered with ice and snow seven months in a year.

The grand Winter Naadam is a wonderful winter party you can not miss.Except the the winter Naadam scenic,there are many other winter scenic spots in Hulunbeir including Yakeshi Phoenix Mountain Ski tourist attraction, Zalantun Dragon Mountain ski resort and Hailar Dongshan snow park.

Winter Naadam

Winter Naadam perfectly combine the ice and snow games with unique ethnic folk activities.

Visitors can enjoy horse racing, snow Bock, archery competitions, participate in traditional folk activities like worshiping the god of fire, offering obo, offering Sulu ingot and visiting herdsman , enjoy a long tune, Khoomei, horse head string instrument performance and folk dance performances.

People can fully experience the magnificent winter scene by participating in skiing, skating, horseback riding, carriage, camel sledge, Bulu, archery, ice Ga, snowmobiling, snowmobile and other snow activities.

Enjoy the Winter Scenery Beyond the Great Wall

Zalantun in Inner Mongolia is known for its beautiful scenery and historic cultural heritage.This place is the hunting habitat of the ancient northern ethnic minorities, the Great Wall cross the north and south.With the local beautiful natural scenery,it has a reputation of “Suhang Beyond the Great Wall” , "North South Jiangnan".It is the only national-level scenic spot in Inner Mongolia.

In winter, Zalantun show the essence of Inner Mongolia winter scene.It combine the majestic of Great Khingan with the beauty of Jiangnan.During the Jinlong Mountain Skiing Festival, visitors can experience the alpine tourism, resort photography, skiing, snow ring, snowmobiling, dog pulled sledge and snow saucer, snow tug of war, snow bikes and other outdoor winter sports.

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