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Travel to See the Most Famous Sites in Chengdu

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To find oneself in Chengdu is more oft than not to gain a first person view of China's famed endangered mascot, the Giant Panda. The capital of Sichuan province boasts the largest breeding and research center of its kind anywhere in the world. A short taxi ride from the city center brings you to the national park like base. A perfect day out for the family with a collection of almost 60 Giant pandas, plenty of the lesser celebrated cousin, the Red Panda and a vast array of cranes and swans to be found upon and around the expansive lake.


Another well noted place of attraction within Chengdu is the People's Park. Located centrally and very accessible to tourists, the park holds some great sights and activities for even the passing visitor on a time budget. Take a relaxing teatime and sample the vast array of local and traditional beverages available lakeside with the natives. Between drinks you can try a traditional Chinese ear cleaning, refreshing your body and practically your mind with the deep penetrating brushes operating under the illumination of a miner’s hat.


Challenge your calligraphy ability by joining the many that practice daily with mop-size brushes and water upon the sun soaked concrete. You'll certainly be amazed at the deft dexterity on display and beautiful precision that bring these characters to life before they are quite cruelly taken away the afternoon sunshine.

Feeling refreshed, invigorated and educated perhaps the time is right to find a wife! Yes even the lifelong search for love can be aided here in Chengdu’s People’s Park. You’ll be confronted with almost market like trading stalls bearing all the need-to-know information of the many eligible bachelorettes. Though as these stalls are generally manned by the fierce mothers of the available product be aware that this is no Sunday jumble sale. Only once you have passed a veritable Hercules set of challenges concerning income, heritage and intentions shall you be awarded a shot at your prize.


Even the shortest of articles cannot escape without paying homage to the infamous delicacy that is Sichuan cuisine. Notorious China and even world wide the Sichuan pepper is not to be toyed with! Boasting a long history concerning hot and spicy food even the most amateur traveler should not leave without testing the tastebuds. Go forth and submerge yourself into a Hot Pot. Continuously boiling water filled with your choice of meat, vegetables and other oddities swimming with the obligatory abundance of dangerously hot peppers and spices.  Easy to find, though with varying authenticity, trust the locals and follow the crowds for best establishment.

Many trips can be taken from Chengdu with one of the more popular being the 10 hour drive to Jiuzhaigou. A true showcase of the spectacular scenery the mighty Sichuan has to offer, comprising crystal lakes, rushing waterfalls and snow capped mountains makes a Jiuzhaigou a worthy drive for even the most timid travel sickness sufferers!


Spoil yourself and explore Sichuan.


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