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Travel to Xinjiang in Winter

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In winter,visitors can enjoy the beautiful snow scenery and unique ethnic customs in Xinjiang. Tianshan,Kunlun Mountains and Altay Mountains,covered with snow and ice, are like fairy tale world.

Xinjiang has a variety of festivals in winter,including Urumchi Silk Road Ice and Snow Festival, Altay international ancient Skiing festival, Barkol ice and snow Culture and Tourism Festival and Kanas Ice and Snow Tourism Festival.

Feel the Silence of Winter in Kanas

Kanas winter is famous for the silence.It’s said that even the sound of a needle falling in the snow could be heard.The snow-covered mountain, forests and grasslands are exceptionally holy.

Kanas is inaccessible in winter.The world is pure and has a color of noble silver.Magnificent snowfield, sparkling birch rime, snow-capped glacial lake, ink world grasses and white smoke curl Haba, constitute a series of peerless landscape. Mongolian Tuva,also called "forest people" and "cloud inter-tribal",has unique folk customs which is very interesting.

Kanas has abundant winter snowfall.The best time to enjoy a Kanas winter tour is from late December to next February.In the night,the temperature drop to -42 ℃,it’s a great chance to feel the extremely cold.

Take a Ski Tour in Urumqi

The best ski resort of Xinjiang is in Urumqi.The average winter temperature of Urumqi is about -10 ℃, not very cold,but has a long snow period.The snow has a high viscosity and excellent quality.The wind is small. It is very convenient to ski with the small wind and most ski resorts near to the city.

Currently, Urumqi has four 3S ski resorts which are the highest level resorts.They are Xinjiang Silk Road International Ski Resort, Baiyun International Ski Resort, Snow Lotus Hill Golf Ski Resort and Weisite Ski Resort.Visitors can not miss the Silk Road International Ski Resort which is one of the top three international ski resorts in China.

Currently, Urumqi, Xinjiang Silk Road International Ski has Baiyun International Ski, Snow Lotus Hill Golf and Sylvester ski ski highest level of 3S four ski resorts, where the Silk Road International Ski Resort is the largest in the country before three international ski resort, visitors may wish to have the time in order to feel something.

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