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Traveling in Wuyuan

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Introduction to Wuyuan

The Wuyuan county is located in the northeast of Jiangxi province, it is one of the birth land of the Huizhou culture ( the Huizhou culture is Hui culture also, it is one of the China's three major regional culture. And the Hui culture is not only in the Wuyuan county, you could see the same culture in the Huangshan city of Anhui province and Jixi county too). The west and east side of the Wuyuan county have the famous national history and culture city, which are the Quzhou and Jing Dezheng ( i would like to introduce these places later), and the local tea of Wuyuan is very famous and popular. This place is known as “the most beautiful village of China”. You will be surprised by its beauty.

Local Customs

The culture, customs, architecture and food here are the same with some county of Gu Huizhou mostly, and it is a part of the Huizhou culture. Then you may have a question about why do they live here, not live in the Huizhou? The local people immigrate here for avoiding the war. A lot of people immigrate here around the late Tang Dynasty to Earlier Song Dynasty.

After the southern song dynasty, the local people were starting to go out for businese. Then, they use some money to build houses and buy the field and land for a living. After the living environment became better, they start to send their child for studying, therefore the Wuyuan county also is know as “ the book village”.

Jiangling is one of the most worthy place where you should visit in the Wuyuan county. The Jiangling is located in the northeast of the Wuyuan county, the south side is near by the Xiaoqi and the east side is near by the Xitou.

The main scenic spots here are the view of Jiangling, lake and the ancient village of Qingyuan.

The best time for visiting this place is spring, the rape flower is everywhere so beautiful. You could watch this view from the picture.

The second place is Likeng. Likeng is an ancient village, and all of people in this village have the same family name which is Lee. This place has 12 kilometers far away from the Wuyuan county, the feature of the ancient village is having pure river, green mountains and special ancient buildings etc...

If you have enough time, you should have a meal here, the native food is very delicious.

The third place is the Rainbow Bridge, it built in the Song dynasty, has 800 years history. The bridge has 140 meters length in all.

In Chinese, this bridge has been called Langqiao, mean the bridge with pavilion, you could find out that every pavilion is independent if you have noticed. This bridge is not beautiful only, but also can provide a place for people to have a rest in the rainy day. 

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