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Tsangyang Gyatso Poet of Tibet

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When mention to the poem of Tibet, a poet’s name never forgotten- that is Tsangyang Gyatso. Tsangyang Gyatso was the most influential and remarkable poet in Tibet. He is famous for writing romantic poems about love and Buddhism. Many popular poems of that time handed down to today. The poems are welcomed by people all around the world so that they can be translated by many different languages.

But Tsangyang Gyatso was not just a poet, but also had another identity which was very prominent. He was the sixth Dalai Lama which is the highest ruler and religion leader of Tibet. Brought up in a common farmer family, Tsangyang Gyatso spent a carefree childhood. But he actually was recognized as the reborn of the fifth Dalai need to be chosen as the sixth Dalai-the highest ruler of Tibet according the traditional of Tibet from the day he was born.
So the young boy was sent to the Potala Palace to learn for preparing as a leader of Tibet. He enjoyed the freedom outside and felt boring about the life as a monk or a ruler. He began to fight against to the strict principles of the palace. When he slipped out, he loved the freedom very much. At last he even fell in love with a beautiful girl called Makye Ame. This was forbidden fully for his special honorable identity.

Unfortunately, he was merely puppets of ambitious politicians. When the love between Tsangyang Gyatso and Makye Ame was found, he lost the freedom completely. During the fighting between the politicians of Tibet, Tsangyang Gyatso became a poor victim and was sent to Beijing to receive the punishment by Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty. But one thing was so weird that he was lost on the way to Beijing. No one knows where he was. It is a mystery even in today.
The poems written by Tsangyang Gyatso are with pure and beautiful, romantic and touching. We feel his poem world is so fresh meaningful and full of philosophy. He used rich language to write love, religion, faith which made the reader moving.
Evaluation by the eminent Tibetan Buddhism Monk is that Tsangyang Gyatso let people see the beauty of the spirit world, his poems and songs to purify the mind of generation by generation. He let people know the truly Buddhism doctrine by his poem in the special way.

When we travel Tibet, Why not take a collection of poems Tsangyang Gyatso to appreciate the pure world and get more understanding with the culture of Tibet.
So let’s appreciate one of the beautiful love poems from Tsangyang Gyatso:
"You meet me, or not meet me
I'm there
No sorrow or happy
You miss me, or not miss me
The memory is there
Not coming, not going
You love me, or not love me
Love is there
Can't be added, can't be ended
You be with me, or you leave me
I lace my fingers in yours
Never be aparted
Rest in my arms
Or let me go into your mind
In silence, and in love
So quiet, and so fascinating”
  -by Tsangyang Gyatso

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