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Turpan - The Charming Oasis of Xinjiang

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Acclaimed as the fertile oasis, Turpan is the capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which covers an area of 15738 square kilometers. Actually it a mountain basin with a long and extremely hot summer, thus the fruit produced here tastes juicy and sweet, such as grapes, peaches, apricots, apples, melons and so forth. Well, today we will show you around this famous tourist center, Turpan.

In Uygur language, Turpan means “the lowest place” and definitely Turpan is the lowest city in China. As an old city, it has a history of more than 6000 years and become one of the most important areas along the ancient Silk Road. Due to Turpan’s geography, a lot of people living in it have different nationalities. Transportation is very convenient here because planes, railways and buses are all available. Interestingly, donkey carts are recognized as one of the main transportation means inside Turpan, which provides visitors with a special travelling experience.

Grape Valley

Travelling in Turpan, Grape Valley is usually the first attractions that visitors simply will not want to miss. There goes a famous folk song in Turpan “Turban` s grapes are ripe; Anarthan`s heart is ecstatic…. ” . Thanks for the dry and hot climate in Turban, which makes the grapes juicy and sweet. If you come here in July or August, brunches of grapes are the typical highlight that will come into your sight firstly. Various kinds of grapes are planted here, including the white grape, red grape, black grape, the mares nipple grape and among all those grapes the white grape without seeds are the most welcomed by the visitors. Since too much grapes are produced during the peak season, they can be hardly to preserve.

Thus local people use these rest grapes to make dried raisins. Nowadays, a lot of visitors buy dried raisins and send them as gifts to beloved family or friends. What if you come to Turpan in other months? Endless green trellised walkways are intoxicating landslides for visitors. Besides, other yummy fruits, such as melons, peaches, apples, pears, also prevail in Turpan.

Flaming Mountain

Have you heard about the legendary of flaming mountain and the Monkey King? Long long ago, the Monkey King knocked down the furnace while stirring up trouble in Heaven. Finally charcoals fell into Turpan and form “Flaming Mountain”. Actually, it was formed by the tectonic plate movement 50000000 years ago. Temperature in the mountain can even higher than 50 degrees, but it is a popular resort for both domestic and foreign visitors. There is a huge thermometer on display near the mountain, which is regarded as the largest one in China. Many visitors come to appreciate it or take a picture with it.

Travel tips: 1. travelling to Turpan by air is a cozy choice. We recommend visitors to fly to the Urumqi airport first and take a bus to Turpan. Long-distance buses are available from 9:00 to 20:30 every day. 2. Taxi and donkey cart are main transportations inside Turpan. It is a good choice to take a short trip by donkey cart to go around the city.

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