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South Putuo Temple in Xiamen

 2018-06-28    kenziLiang    Sights    Xiamen    3973  

South Putuo Temple faces to the south and with the neighbour of mountain and sea, the from main axle of this temple is respectively the Tianwang Hall, Mahavira Hall, Dabei Hall, The Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion; the halls of the temple raise step by step leaning behind the mountains, distinct and response to each other. The continuously raising up of east and west sides, together with two sides of Huihu three Halls, the main body of South Putuo Temple shapes and realizes.

All architectures of this temple adopt the house style of the Chinese ancient palace with the decoration of yellow tiles so that it has a whole integrated image; besides, the stone walls surround the architecture belts firmly. The new trend of South Putuo Temple in these recent years is to focus on the foundation and development of the environment, looking around the temple, there are many splendid trees and blossom flowers, as well as the lotus behind the temple and spring coming from the rivers. Pavilions, waterside pavilion, zigzag bridges, flower belts make visitors who are wandering around the temple can appreciate the fun and interesting of water and mountain here.

Every year on Feb. 19th, June 19th, Sept. 19th, there will be many large buddle activities in South Putuo Temple, prayers will pray here to wish a health and wealth. In the inside temple, visitors can also have a chance to taste the famous vegetarian dishes.

The weather in Xiamen is mild and gentle with plenty of water, summar here is hot and temperature in July and August is up to 30℃, while in the winter, temperature can be lower than 10℃, therefore, the annual average temperature is about 21℃,with the long sunshine and waterfall, flowers and trees keep blossom and splendid all year round, except typhoon in Aug. Is fierce, boats in the sea are all stop to go out when it’s not suitable to appreciate the sea side.

The cottage pudding in South Putuo Temple was awarded Golden Tripod Award and is the famous special local product in Xiamen, flavors include sweet and savory (10 RMB/box). Vegetarian food there attracts many prayers and visitors for its purity, simple but elegant. Chef in South Putuo are strict to the cooking skills to remove the tradition of imitating meat or fish, but to make vegetarian food and named as vegetarian something; they are also particular about color, flavor and taste and also pay attention to image, spirit and tools, one dish with a particular name which is elegant and liberty, such as Lotus in South Sea. 

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