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Unique Natural and Cultural Sights of Lugu Lake

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The Lugu Lake lies where Ninglang Yi Prefecture of Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County of Sichuan Province meet as the crossing point. As a well-known lake on plateau, the total area of the Lugu Lake accounts for 51.8 square meters, the altitude of the lake is 2,680 meters. Lugu Lake ranks second only to Fuxian Lake as to the depth in Yunnan Province. Reaching at Lake Lugu isn't so easy, and the isolation from the outside world does contribute positively to help the tribe keep their customs and culture intact.

The crystal clear waters and scenery is so striking that it could pass for the mythical reaches of heaven. Situated at the plateau at an elevation of over 2,680 meters above sea level, it is surely a shining pearl that shall certainly attract to itself an increasing number of pleasure-seekers. Studded with islets, the lake becomes a popular tourist attraction noted for their scenic beauty. These islands are different from each other in shape, especially emphasizing individual beauty. With the luxuriant tree groves and glistening lakes, all of the visitors here are especially greeted with picturesque scenic sights that would long remain in their memory.

The water of the lake was smooth and easy, soft the grass brilliant, spattered with many wild flowers. The beauty of the lake is so living and vivid that tourists feel as if they were right on the scene. Visitors stopped now and again to glance over the misty lake where water joined the sky. The blue sky is reflected in the blue sea, and the water and the sky merge in one color. It's a lake with little flowers dotted around it here and there. Here one can admire the river terraces; all would give an old and original touch to the lake. Far from the noisy city, the world famous Lugu Lake will bring you to the world of fairyland, a beautiful and crystal clear world! The lake, white and translucent, has an irresistible charm.

Whenever I think of Lugu Lake, the first images that spring to mind are always the beauteous landscapes and clear water not yet tainted by human development. Viewed from afar, the chain of mountains ripples the gentle curve like sea; One lake autumn water gently raises the waves along with the wind. Various kinds of rare plants and animals could impart certain vitality to the lake. In the thick primitive forest,rare and precious animals haunt here and there. The paths crisscrossed along the lakeside. The farmhouses are like magnificent buildings in heaven with fabulous scenery. Visitors are getting so carried away with fantastic scenes. The Lugu Lake is full of breath-taking landscape, simple and honest folkway. The moment you enter the scenery area, one miraculous view after another would surely catch your eyes.

The Lugu Lake blends natural view and cultural view perfectly together, particularly the unique folk custom of the Mosuo people, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List. The simple folk custom character and style and the ancient Mosuo cultural, is the paradise that the natural landscape and the cultural tradition are accommodated seamlessly.

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