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Walked into the Yalong Bay

 2012-11-15    Oeirupp    Sights    Sanya    1359  

Located in the paradise of Yalong Bay - tropical rain forest park, the “Bird's Nest” hanging in the mountains becomes a hot tourist spot after the shooting of a hot Chinese movie, with the beautiful scenery of open-air pool, breathtaking angle view of overlooking Yalong Bay, lush tropical plants, and Lovers' Bridge…

The open-air pool
Yalong Bay

It was summer at that time. I walked across SuoLong Bridge, also called Lover Bridge, the bridge fly across between two mountains, is 168 meters’ long, dangling tens of meters. The right-hand side is the beautiful Yalong Bay, the left is a jungle, looking down, also the jungle. Walked across the bridge, after a few minutes’ walking, I came to the open-air swimming pool.

After having dinner in the Thai restaurant in the Peak, I went to see the legendary "Bird's Nest", not a large space, but very delicate, thatched roof, wooden corridor floor, hidden in the forest. Indeed a little bird's nest taste. Visitors can watch the sea and stroll in the forest. It is really a unique environment worthy a try.

In the Sanya urban areas, there are some Phoenix flowers.
Phoenix flowers

In fact, Yalong Bay is really blue, much beautiful more than this picture.
Yalong Bay

Lovers' Bridge, across the mountains, and hide in the jungle, indescribably wonderful
Yalong Bay

A wooden house hanging in the mountains, indeed a little bird's nest taste
Yalong Bay

Blue swimming pool, distant blue Yalong Bay
Yalong Bay

Overlooking the open-air swimming pool
Yalong Bay

Pool is not large, but the water is very shallow, however, it was built on this mountain.
Yalong Bay

To see the road in the restaurant, a concrete road winding in the green jungle, with toy-sized yellow tour buses
Yalong Bay

Bird's Nest, shot on the lover bridge
Bird's Nest

To see the Yalong Bay at the Yanbo Pavilion
Yalong Bay

To see the Lover’s Bridge at the Yanbo Pavilion
 Lover’s Bridge

The tour guides walked very fast
Yalong Bay

To see the Yanbo Pavilion at the Lover’s Bridge. I love this big tree very much, lush. 
Yalong Bay

There are many turnings in the mountain, and each corner has a large mirror.
Yalong Bay

Finally, take a look at a picture of the Thai restaurant cuisine, on the Peak, whose location is very good. 
Yalong Bay

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