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Wanlv Park – A Prominent International Tourist Destination

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Wanlv Park also called Ever Green Park is situated in city of Haikou, in Hainan which is in eastern part of Longhua District, China. It is located in core region of one thousand and seventy acres. This park has several unique characteristics as well as ecological landscape with wonderful garden features, green water, blue sky, wilderness, and advanced high-rise integrated ornamental plants. The plants can be international or domestic, subtropical and tropical plants that have even seaside characteristics. The Wanlv Park has even transformed Haikou into a prominent international tourist destination.

Sixteen attractive spots

The Wanlv Park in Hainan is divided into sixteen attractive spots and numerous attractions. It possesses varied landscape with rich content. The sixteen spots are play area of children, door area, Neihu district, plaza area, lawn area, tropical ornamental plant region, bamboo zone, golf driving range and many more. This park covers approximately eight three hectares. It is an excellent spot for the ecological garden in city. Ever Green Park is biggest open tropical seaside scenery. Travelers to Hainan must never miss to visit Wanlv Park. It is one among the prominent public recreation spots. There is a beautiful garden in the park. About ten thousand trees are planted here. The most commonly found trees in Wanlv Park are coconut trees, subtropical ornamental plants, and hundreds of tropical ornamental plants, and more. It displays a big school of beautiful tropical garden scenery. The park is having a prominent and leading VIP area for tree planting, and planting regions of society, etc. There are even planting regions for individual citizens and groups.

A walk in the park is loved by each and every visitor. The green grass, blue sky, white clouds, and sparkling Bihai light can offer a wonderful experience of urban castle with silent environment. By this, one can feel the real taste of harmonious blend of nature and man. Ever Green Park is one of the huge beautiful municipal garden-tropical ecological and coastal landscape park which is situated in eastern side of coastal Reclamation in Hikou. It is located specifically in coastal Middle Road near the financial & trade segments of the Binhai Avenue which is across North of Qiongzhou Bay near Haikou Stadium. Near to Wanlv Park, there is CPPCC City Hall, and many other important buildings. The park was opened to public officially in the year 1996.

Distinct features

The Ever Green Park is having very distinct features. The whole planning of park construction was very outstanding one with several special tropical seaside characteristics as well as ecological landscape features. The area of the Wanlv Park amounts to one thousand two hundred and thirty four acres that also includes the surface of lake. The construction of park was done in two phases. The initial phase started by the end of 1994 with a greening rate of eighty four percent. The park has many herbaceous plants which can very well adapt to the climate conditions in city of Hainan. It took nearly four years to construct all the scenic spots, various facilities, attractions, and more.

Travel tips
This paradise on earth can be visited anytime. Don’t miss it! 

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