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Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu Part-1

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Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in China, is Crowned as Asia's first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2010. Like Sichuan cuisine, historical and multitudinous Chengdu snacks have been playing an important role in Chinese food culture. 

There are more than 10 kinds of flavor in Chengdu snacks, like fragrant and sweet, salty and sweet, pepper spicy, hot pepper oil, sweet and sour, mashed garlic flavored etc. Various types of pastries, soup and meats are sold in food streets, like Chunxi Road, Jinli ancient street, Kuanzhai street and Wenshu Monastery, which are so attractive with its delicacies. Sure you’ll be hooked! Let’s see what on earth Chengdu snacks got? 

Hot pot: Hot pot, putting foods together and boiling, originally created by coolies at Chongqing wharf, nowadays develops abundant flavors and way of eating. Different from Chongqing Hot Pot centered on spicy taste, Chengdu Hot Pot are more emphasized on balancing out various kinds of flavor. More tastes are mixed together on the base of spicy taste.


Benben Chicken: Benben Chicken dates back to Qing Dynasty over 100 years ago. Stirring boneless chicken with spicy ingredients in a pottery bowl, it is featured with crispy skin and tender chicken, fragrant and spicy with just right proportion of sweet and salty. 


Bon Bon Chicken: Bon Bon Chicken belongs to cold dish, boiling chicken until well-done, pounding it until flossy and shred into pieces, then dip into chili oil with cooked sesame and crushed peanuts. 


Ma Po Tofu: Red, white and green matches well in Ma Po Tofu. It tastes spicy and soft with it shape unbroken, giving off appetizing fragrance. Chen Ma Po Tofu marks number one in all the brands of Ma Po Tofu. 


Second Sister’s Diced Rabbit: Second Sister’s Diced Rabbit is well-known in Chengdu for fine ingredients and special recipe. There are various type of way of cooking for rabbit, like spiced rabbit, rabbit braised in brown sauce, tingle and hot rabbit etc. 


Dan Dan Noodles: Dan Dan Noodles, a famous snack of Chengdu, is noodles with spicy hot sauce. It is prepared by rolling the dough into noodles, boiling the noodles and then scoop up stir-fried minced pork on it. The noodles is palatable with tasty marinade, of which fragrance would surely arouse your appetite! 


Chuanchuanxiang: Chuanchuanxiang is a reflection of inexpensive foods goes in popular. Various kinds of meats and veggies are get skewered, then instantly boil in the bubbling hot red broth, take them out in the dip. I promise you can’t stop to eating one after one! 


Maocai: Prepare a pot of spicy soup with several kinds of tasty marinade, then boil veggies to well-done, ladle it out in a bowl with a scoop of soup, then sprinkle slight coriander, minced scallion and fermented soya beans. Ta-da! Local Chengdu Maocai is done! 


Long Wontons: Long Wontons is famous for its slender wrappers, tender mince and delicate soup. The wrappers of Wontons are made of superfine flour, rolled until translucent. The fillings are soft and juccy. And the soup is braised with chicken, duck and pork, tasting rich and fragrant. 


Zhong Dumplings: Compared with Northern Chinese Dumplings, Zhong Dumplings only use pork fillings without veggies. Pour a scoop of special chili oil on the dumplings before enjoying it. It is of special taste with mild sweet and salty and moderate peppery. 


It is introduced for ten famed local Chengdu snacks with strong flavor in this blog. If more into moderate taste, you can have a look at Part-2.

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