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What to Do in Dali

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Located northwest of the Yunnan Province, 300 kilometers away from Kunming, Dali City Dali is the prefectural capital of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.In the center of the city is the Erhai Lake which is very famous for its natural beauty.The city is surrounded by mountains on its east, west, and south.In spite of the picturesque surroundings,the city has a very unique cultural heritage for gathering 25 ethnic minorities.

Dali attracts a large number of visitors for its stunning scenery.The sights of Cangshan Mountains, Erhai Lake, Butterfly Spring and other historic relics, Jizu Mountain, Shibao Mountain and Weibao Mountain is wonderful.For all of these, Dali Ancient City is consider as "Backpackers' Paradise" in China.It attracts many foreign visitors stay here,some even live here for months or years.

Located in the center of ancient city,Yangren street (foreigner's street)) is a place full of foreign visitors.You can find cafes, western style restaurants, and clothes shops here.If you want to buy some souvenirs, Foreigners' Street is also a good place to buy marble art pieces and craft objects with low price and high quality.There are many crafts like local ethnic clothing, dyed cloth and hats.The quoted price is always 4 or 8 times higher than it really is,so you’d better bargain with the seller.

Here are some of things to do in Dali:
Hiking and Biking
The countryside around Dali Ancient Town is a wonderful place for hing and biking.You can take a cycling tour around Erhai Lake or hike up to the Cangshan Mountai.The scenery on your way is stunning.

Three Cups of Tea
If you are offered Three Cups of Tea by the Bai people,you are honored. Three Cups of Tea is a traditional tea ceremony of Bai people,it represents a blessing to the drinkers.The tea is consist of one bitter tea, one sweet tea and one aftertaste tea,and served one after another. This ceremony wish you success and happiness.

Batik of the Bai People
Batik is an old way to dying cloth,only the people in China's remote regions still conducted.You can learn the whole complicated procedure here.It is one of important and significant parts in the local Bai people's life.

What to Do in Dali

What to Do in Dali

What to Do in Dali

What to Do in Dali

What to Do in Dali

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