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White Water Rafting in Qingyuan City of Guangdong Province

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Summer, water. Water, swimming. When summer days come, we always choose water to avoid summer heat by swimming like swimming in a pool or in the sea along a beautiful beach. But for this summer, would you like something more exciting? I say rafting. But not the eyes pleasant rafting along the Li River when travel to Guilin, I mean the exciting white water rafting. When mentioning white water rafting, Qingyuan is always at the top of China’s best places for rafting list.

Qingyuan City is located in central Guangdong Province. With abundant rainfall and rich water resources, Qingyuan has advantageous conditions for water rafting. Also Qingyuan is reputed as “Hometown of Rafting”. Every summer, there will be lots of people come to Qingyuan to experience the exciting and thrilling white water rafting.

Rafting is a great way to get close with water in summer and white water rafting is a way to get excitements and joys from water. Those gorges for rafting in Qingyuan all have beautiful natural scenery. Those natural watercourses for rafting usually hide among the magnificent mountains and verdant forests, which provide pleasant and cool surroundings for rafting. At some flat watercourses, you can fully enjoy the alongside beautiful scenery. While some watercourses that have large falls are where to get thrilled and excited.

Life jackets checked, safety helmets checked, and here comes a large fall from the upper reach to the lower reach. Before your boat floating on the water, all the way during your fall, you may lose your breath and heartbeat. Screams are still echoing, your mouth is filled with water, what’s on your mind is how dare you fly the boat at such a thrilling height. Before you come back to yourself, sudden coolness chills you. Oh, yeah, it’s time for a water fight with your friends. To catch some best moments during the rafting, a water-proof camera is highly recommended.

At Qingyuan, there are many famous attractions that are specialized for white water rafting. Here are some top recommendations.

Gulong Gorge Rafting

Gulong Gorge is reputed as the first rafting in Qingyuan. It has a watercourse as long as 6,063 meters and has a maximum fall of 378 meters. Rafting in Gulong Gorge is praised as the roller coaster on water. The extreme exciting rafting is wild and bold, and attracts many people for the experience.

Huangteng Gorge Rafting

Huangteng Gorge Rafting is one of the most popular rafting places in Qingyuan. It has a 6 kilometers’ long watercourse with a total fall of 168 meters and a highest fall of 16 meters. What’s special at Huangteng rafting is the numerous falls. There are more than 130 falls and it will take about three hours to complete the whole watercourse.

Xuanzhen Gorge Rafting

With a 4.3 kilometers long watercourse, Xuanzhen Gorge has a total fall of 168 meters. It has clear, clean and torrent water. Night rafting is also available at this gorge.

Bijiashan Gorge Rafting

Bijiashan Gorge Rafting is featured with natural and ecological. It has an 8.5 kilometers’ long watercourse with clear water and pleasant environment. Its Warrior Rafting is a first choice for tourists and a two hours’ rafting will surely satisfy you.

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