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Why Not Take a Trip in Hui Street

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The Xi 'an Hui street,with a long history, was constructed by ancient people at least thousands of years ago. Famous for the traditional culture and local food, it is a place that tourists come to xi 'an will not miss. The Hui nationality is one of China's ethnic minorities and most of them have the religion of Islam. The Hui Street is the habitation of the hui people in Xi’an, hence it gets this name. Actually, Hui street blocks are a collection of many streets. Besides the Hui Street, there are many other streets that is not as well-known as the Hui Street. In this area, Chinese earliest existing halal Abbey, and Chinese largest chenghuang temple are located, presenting the tourists its diversified culture, making this area a unique historical and cultural spot.

Tourists coming to xi 'an generally wouldn't miss the Hui street, not only because of a lot of food shops that lined the street, but also because these streets contain profound cultural connotation. Just as its name, the Hui Street implies it is the land of the hui nationality. It is characterized by bluestone paving road and buildings built in Ming and qing dynasties on both sides. Food and artifacts of Hui nationality are operated by these hui people. Therefore, with rich halal characteristic, these goods are popular with tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Hui street is different from the daytime in the evening. The whole street is filled with strong civic breath, the lights hanging around on both sides of the street and all kinds of local Xi’an snacks are sold, the persimmon cakes, dried fruit, candied fruit, snacks etc. Behind the stall many local flavor snack restaurants are running. Kebab, tripe rinsing are the most famous food. You can experience the typical local cates in one night. You also can go to the drum tower square to seat, to walk, to see kite vendors put tens of meters long kites have been on the top of the tall building across the street. Everything is full of life passion.

Hui street is quite near the xi 'an railway station and bus station, there are a lot of hotel accommodation available for ordinary tourists, although is not very luxurious, but also clean and comfortable, and the price is not expensive, typically below one hundred yuan. In the city center there are also many designated hotel for tourists. Suites and standard rooms normally contain toilets, telephones, and television. General prices for standard guest house range from 100 yuan to 200 yuan, the price is floating by seasons, most of the hotel provides the service for the hotel guests to book air and train tickets, which is very convenient.

Tips: 1. the average consuming level is hot high in Xi’an, so don’t worry about the money issue. 2. In Chinese traditional public holiday, the Hui Street is quite crowed, so choose a weekday to go there. 3. The Hui nationality is prohibited to talk about pigs remember! This is very important. 

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