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Wonderful Trip to Ruins of St.Paul

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Ruins of St.Paul as one of the eight scenic sights of Macao could be the most typical one. Located at the foot of Paotai Mountain, with the Macau Museum and the Great Batteries scenic spot at its right hand, Ruins of St.Paul are the anterior ruins of the mother of Christian Church. That is St. Paul's church. Ruins of St.Paul had perfectly combined the European Renaissance architectural style and Eastern architecture style, which could represent the communion of Eastern and Western artist.

The succinct wall surface and the exquisite sculpture demonstrate a perfect fusion of modern and classical designing styles, which is so huge and marvelous. Three to five layers could form the triangular pyramid. Whatever the lofty cross on the tip of memorial archway, or Holy Innocents' statue below the copper pigeon, or santos of the Virgin surrounded by an angel and flowers, the building is full of the rich religious atmosphere, which could give us a kind of artistic enjoyment.

Various astonishing lifelike statues on the archways can be ranked as a three-dimensional Bible. Ruins of St.Paul with a long history now had become one of the symbolic representations of Macao. Visitors would like to take a trip to Macao. They would come to Ruins of St.Paul. There're many Christian churches in Macao, among which the most time-honored and the most famous one is Saint-Paul church. It's laid the foundation stone in 1602, and was completed in 1637.

The Church in Europe Baroque-style architecture had been mixed with some features of the Eastern architectures. At that time, the church is very well-known in South China district. A great many foreign preachers all came here to study the beliefs and take a course in Chinese culture, at the same time; they also brought Western culture to the East.

The church once had experienced the fire three times. Yet repeatedly burned and built. Until the last large fire in 1835, the fire consumed the whole building. There are just a few doors and jambs left. The local people called it as Ruins of St.Paul because it's shaped like the special Chinese Gate. Apart from enjoying the huge and marvelous front wall, you may also browse carefully the exquisite emboss and its meaning on the wall when you visit the Ruins of St.Paul.

Below the cross is the pigeon-shaped bronze statue. As the story goes, the cloud could present Holy Spirit. There're stone sculptures of the sun, moon and stars around the statue, which symbolizes the moment when the Virgin conceived. Standing on the Great Batteries castle in the neighboring Ruins of St.Paul and looking down, you can see the original ruins of the whole church and some stone inscriptions behind the square.

Despite the fact that Ruins of St.Paul had lost its physical functions, which are closely related to Macao people's life. There're a wide variety of cultural activities at irregular intervals. The long steps before the archway just became the natural seats. Ruins of St.Paul are the most renowned building, also the symbolic of Macao. 

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