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Wondrous Beauty of Nyang River

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As a tributary of the Yarlung Tsangbo River, Nyang River has its source in the western Meera Mountain. This river that stretches 307.5 kilometers flows from west to east, and then into the Yarlung Tsangbo River. Nyang River is the mother river of the area. Nyang River means the tears of the Goddess in Tibetan language. There's the well protected thick vegetation on each bank of the river. Nyang River is rich in tourism resources like striking and picturesque landscape. Visitors all are caught by the glamour of the enchantingly beautiful scenery.

Moreover, Nyang River and the area around it have many sites. It is classed among the most magnificent sights on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. It's considered to be a hospitable environment for wild birds. After one nature reserve for black-necked cranes along the route grass sea nature protection area was established on the middle reaches of the Yarlungzangbo River, the amount of black-necked cranes wintering there has gone up year by year, making up nearly 80% of the earth's total number of black-necked cranes.

The beauty of the river consists in the unique color of water. The water in the river was just so clear as of jade-like blue standing out against the splashing white sprays. The crystal, fresh green and immaculate white creates an interesting visual effect that seethed with activity and is indistinguishable from each other. Tibetans used to worship nature. It expresses man's worship and respect for the mysterious and mighty nature. The local people from generation to generation all worship the mighty mountains and admired the grandeur of the rivers by the fairy stories and beautiful music and dance.

The source of Nyang River is the lush green pastures with bright meadow in the high mountains. There were no trees, no shrubs, no grasses, naught but a broad mountain meadow that stretches for hundreds of miles. In the distance, the white clouds in the sky and the snow-clad peaks are touching and whispering. Nyang River of extremely high ornamental and tourist value has gathered together natural scenery and cultural sights merging into one organic whole, and shows a simple and unsophisticated sentiment of man and nature in harmonious coexistence.

There is a quite extraordinarily beautiful view named as the chief corner stone that stood on the full rapids of the river. When solid white water tears toward the large stone, it makes a great deal of splashing. Tourists stopped here and marveled at the beauty of the lake. The stone which rose and fell beneath is the real mainstay of the eyes of the visitors. The mainstay site is considered as the first Grand Canyon, a large rock was abruptly set up in the middle of the river.

The river at its source is a small river running alongside; it runs forward inexorably, the water currents also flow gently on the middle reaches of the river. At this point of time, the river comes into more and more delightful stages. Visitors could catch sight of a clear reflection of green mountains and trees in the burnished mirror of the river. 

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