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Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower

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The Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuhan city, Hubei province, is a very famous historical sites in the world. There is a Chinese sentence to express these ancient towers of China, which is “ The first tower all around the world”. And these towers are included Yueyang Tower, Jiangxi Tengwang Pavilion, Shandong Penglai Pavilion and the Yellow Crane Tower is one of them.

The Yellow Crane Tower is along the Yangtze River foreshore, head of Snake Hill, in the behind of Wuchang city, facing the surging Yangtze River and opposite Qingchuan Pavilion. The Yellow Crane Tower is based on the intersection between the Yangtze River and Beijing-Guangzhou train line. That means it is the center of four sides, the west and east side is a waterway, the north and south side is the land routes. Ancient celebrities (such as Cui Hao, Li Bai, Yangshen and so on) have been here for recreation, they leave a lot of well-known poems. Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hao wrote a poem that makes Yellow Crane Tower fame.

According to legend, Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms period, in the history it was destroyed and repeated more than once. For now , we see the Yellow Crane Tower was repeated in 1981, it was designed according to the Qing Dynasty "Tongzhi floor" prototype. The building site is still in snake hill. The main building is 49 meters high, have five layers total. It looks like a crane flying from the vertical perspective.

The original name of Yellow Crane Tower, there are two views, one of them is "The Fairy"  that means there was an immortal had ridden a crane here, hence its name. The other one is "The Mountain" which means there was Taoist who paint a dancing crane on the wall of Xing hotel, so the hotel business became booming from that time. Ten years later the Taoist return with the flute, the Yellow Crane picture revived, fly down from the wall, Taoist ride Crane flies away, the Xing hotel boss built the tower to commemorate. These myths are interesting, also very moving, but these are not the real original name of the yellow crane tower.

The whole building is vigorous and delicate, it is changeable charm and beauty also. The each column of bottom, outer, eave and diameter is 30 meters, there is a large relief on the wall of the central hall. It shows us the legend about the Yellow Crane Tower, it sets up sandwich Gallery on the third layer, display related poetry, calligraphy and painting. There are corridors surrounded by second , third and fourth floor, visitors can have an overlook here, the fifth layer is the Hall for lookout, in this view you can enjoy river scenery. The main building will be more magnificent with a crane modeling in bronze, Shengxiang Pagodas, Xuan Gallery, pavilion and a number of auxiliary buildings.

Aboard the Yellow Crane Tower, you can see a beautiful panorama of Wuhan three towns, overlook the vast China and splendid river. Due to the unique geographical location, Yellow Crane Tower became a famous culture tower.

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