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Wuxi Turtle Isle Cherry Blossom

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Each year the Wuxi Turtle Isle Cherry Blossom takes place from March 20th until April 20th and welcomes visitors from all over the country and the world. There are over 30,000 cherry blossom trees spread across Turtle Head Isle Scenic Spot that blossom and brings the whole scenic area alive in spring. Depending when you visit the number of trees in bloom will depend on the weather. 

To reach Turtle Isle you will have to boat-ride which is free but you will have to be prepared for the long queues and crowds! The boat ride will take you across Taihu Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. During the boat ride you will get a spectacular view of the lake which seems to have endless horizons. 


For 150 Yuan you can enter a park filled with temples, beautiful scenic spots and a round-trip boat to an island on one of China’s largest lakes. Within the scenic area there are temples and wonderful bridges that lead you around the wonderland of cherry blossoms. The park which has been built for 30 years has monuments, temples and bridges are authentic and temples are filled with monks praying and performing their duties. 


There is a variety of snacks on sale with vendors selling at least 10 different traditional street foods can be found approximately every 500 meters. There is a huge vendor area right near the entrance to the park where they sell literally every type of Chinese street food that you can imagine. Stinky tofu, roast lamb, sushi, dumplings, hot pot, chicken feet, fried rice and the list goes on! All of the prices are mostly around 15 Yuan which is not expensive and completely reasonable for the quality.


A trip to Turtle Isle overall is totally worth it from the enjoyable boat trip to the magical cherry blossom scenery. Though the only thing is you just have to be prepared for queues and crowds as the annual cherry blossom scenery is only once a year. What’s more Wuxi is only a short train ride from Shanghai and is also close to Suzhou’s water towns. So if you’re in Shanghai or Suzhou you definitely want to squeeze some time out to visit the Turtle Isle during March and April! 

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