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Xijiang Miao Village

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Xijiang Miao Village is situated at the foothills of Thunder mountain,Qian and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province,35km from Kaili,200km from the provincial capital of Guiyang City.It is composed of a dozen natural villages.The famous silversmith village is located here.The Miao silverware are all handmade.

Xijiang Miao Village, also called 'China's Miao stockade village of one thousand households', is believed to be the largest Miao Village in China. If you are interested in the Miao culture,this place is a good choice with perfect preservation of "original Miao culture".

This place is featured with unqiue Xijiang Guzang festival and brilliant Miao festival.Xijiang Miao Village is an open-air museum,exhibiting the grand development of Chinese Miao minority.The exotic local dress, daily life and the unique architecture of their wooden stilted houses are all fascinating.

Xijiang Miao Village is located in typical river valley,surrounded by green mountains,crystal clear Baishui river flowing past the village and cutting the village into two.Bamboo forest are dotting around the village and beautiful maple leaves cover the villages quietly.What a breathtaking scenery!

Except the great natural scenery,what tourists can not miss are the grand festivals and celebrations of Miao people.There are a variety of festivals ,such as Lusheng Festival, Sisters' Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Harvest Celebration.Harvest Celebration is the time Miao people celebrating their autumn harvest and worshiping their ancestors.Girls and boys are all good at singing and dancing.During the festivals,tourists may have the chance to enjoy the local songs and dances accompanied by the Lusheng (a traditional Miao instrument) which is very impressive.

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