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Xingyun Lake with High Appreciative and Tourist Value

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If one goes north from the county seat of Jiangchuan, following the way for 1km, one reaches the famous Xingyun Lake at the foot of the mountain. Xingyun Lake and the Fuxian Lake are partitioned off by a mountain and connected by a river. Xingyun Lake, as it is often called, is the Jiangchuan Sea. Located at the foot of the mountain at an elevation of 1 meter higher than the Fuxian Lake, it is a gem of a lake more than 10 meters deep that covers an area of 35 square kilometers.

The water of the Xingyun Lake is green and clear. The breezy and sparkling river with exquisite beauty and tranquility merge in silent agreement with the starlight, with the wave-light, unexpectedly pouring into your soul. The glittering surface of a lake enclosed in pine woods always leaves a lasting impression.

Enjoy a cruise on the lake on a moonlit night, the sweet smell of flower is in the air, one would see the reflection of the moon appearing fitfully on the ripple waters, constituting a beautiful view on the eye. The gorgeous moon winked on the lake. The sky was indigo blue, a myriad of stars were shining and send them plunging into the water again. Xingyun Lake is one nutritive lake that is one natural place to develop the aquaculture industry. It has specialized department to breed and raise fishes early in Yunnan Province.

There're lots of hot springs existing in the Xingyun Lake. It is equally celebrated for its hot springs. 5 springs from north to south lie in a remarkably straight line. Sightseers luxuriate in the hot baths in a hot spring resort credited with miraculous curative powers. You can experiment more true essence of beauty by bathing hot spring. The attractive scenery and the hot spring baths combines to make the traveler's stay there most pleasant.

It is very remarkable that the temperature of these springs is increasing from the north one to the south one, ranging from 8 to 9 degrees. The rest, convalesce and recuperate have no doubt added to the charm of the hot spring and made it more attractive to tourists. That is why the spring of Xingyun Lake is flatteringly called the "magic spring."

Lots of ancient structures that are matchless in the world are generally built on the lakeside, such as the Jinjiake Pavilion and the Wenxing Pavilion, just to name a few. The substantial timber pavilion boasts a refined design with 36 columns. The pavilion that adds much charm to the scene is one nice situation to enjoy the peculiar beauty of the marvelous Xingyun Lake.

Skirting the picturesque lake, far and near, high and low, are trees among which willows predominate. The swelling reeds in line form a flexible palisade upon its moist brink. The pleasantest thing in one's life is to appreciate the spectacular sunrise on the mountaintop. It is usually suitable for a tourist to have a two-day tour of the Xingyun Lake and scenic spots around it!

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