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Xinjiang Travel Tips

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Xinjiang is the shortened form for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is situated in the middle of Eurasian continent. With a total area of 166.49 square kilometers, xinjing is the largest provincial-level administrative region in China. Xinjiang takes up about one-sixth of our territory. No wonder there is a saying goes “you will not know how big Xijiang is until you visit there.” besides, Xinjiang is a province with the longest boundaries and rich natural resources. Due to its complex and varied geological conditions, it is abundant in beautiful sites, delicious food and mineral resources.

The Climate in Xinjiang 

The climate in Xinjiang is very special. It belongs to temperate continental arid climate. The characteristics of this special climate are low rainfall, temperature difference between day and night and long hours of sunshine. The annual natural precipitation in Xinjiang is very little. In addition, in winter, Xinjiang will be very clod. In summer, the weather in Xinjiang will be very hot. Due to dramatic changes in temperature, there is a very funny sentence to describe the summer in Xinjiang “you wear the thicker coat on the morning, but light clothing on the afternoon and eat watermelon around the stove.”

The Best Time to Visit Xinjiang

As the climate in Xinjiang is very special, I think the best time to visit Xijiang is from July to September. It means that you had better go to Xinjiang in the late of summer or early autumn. During that time, the weather in Xinjiang is becoming cool and the fruit is also ripe. You will not only enjoy a comfortable weather but also taste the delicious fruit, such as grape, Hami melon.

 Good Attractions to Visit

One of the most beautiful attractions you had better visit is the People’s Park, which is located in Urumchi. It also called “West Park”, which is the oldest and largest park in Urumqi. During the Qing Qianlong period, it was considered as the best place for the officials to rest. Now, People’s Park is flooded with ancient trees and various flowers. You can not only experience the recreational path winding parks, but also see the shining crystal palace. In addition, there are also a lot of places for entertainment, such as all kinds of adventure parks for children, rinks. On some festivals, a lot of calligraphy exhibitions, photography shows, Bonsai exhibitions will be held in this park. 

The other wonderful attraction you need to travel is Shuimogou. Shuimogou is a scenic spot of clean waters, green trees and talents. It has become the famous tourist resort in Qing dynasty. In ancient times, its beautiful landscape had attracted many officials and writers and poets. Shoumogou consists of five hills and one river. There are Shuita hills, Hongqiao hills, Qingquan hills, wenquan hills, xuelian hills and Shuimo River. Now, it is an integrated resort with beautiful sights, various entertainment activities and hot spring resources. You are able to enjoy a hot spring if you are tired. How enjoyable it is!

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