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Xinli Lake Ski Area – A Busy Ski Center

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Xinli lake ski area was built in the year 2001 in the Changchun city. It is located in the south of Changchun city, about 16 kilometers away from the main city. This ski area can have a yearly reception capacity of 40,000 people only. However, new investments were imbued to enlarge Xinli Field to encounter the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival 2009 which happened in Changchun, China, and the ski area took on entirely a brand new look. This ski area has ski trails which are of 100 meters in width and the area is about 800 meters in length. It has a space of 30,000 square meters to fit the tourists visiting the place.

Main attractions
Xinli ski area is positioned to the southwest close of Xinli Lake and is overseen by Jingyue Economic Development Zone. It faces just opposed to the Ziran Village, in the Jilin Area, around 200 meters (12 kilometers) away from the exit of village of Ziran. Xinli is the ski areaclosest to Changchun city.Constructed in the year 2001, Xinli was initially a small ski area then. With skiing services which were very common and reception facility, the area was not well acknowledged at that phase. In order to make Changchun a well-known skiing city, Changchun Tourism Administration put onward such ski travel product outlines, such as giving importance tosnowboarding in Lotus Mountain, langlauf in Jingyue Pond, and ski trip in Xinli area, and Xinli is registered as one of the four snow and ice travel products in the city of Changchun. Every year, the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival happens in Changchun city and Xinli ski area was developed so that events could happen there.

Pearl outside the Great wall city of spring:
The Xinli ski area is finely furnished with a drawing cableway and a ski utensil gallery. Entertaining zone for children is present in the west side of the ski field, with such stuffs as snow ring slide way, ice slicing board, house-pulling sledge, dog-pulling sledge, playing ice monkey and ice cart and so forth. Snow and ice area is situated up on the external of Xinli Lake to improve items such as the snowfield motor, skating rink, bicycle sports which happens on the ice,wind-power ice cart, experience of vehicles on snow and ice and snowfield hippodrome. Activities like the winter camps for schoolchildren from elementary and secondary institutes, novice snow and ice rallying, sports for entertainment in ice and snow, unprofessional snow and ice competition of carving, amateurish ski contest is held in winter, each year at the Ice and snow tourism festival.

Stirring impressively the implication of ice and snow vacation industry in Changchun, Xinli offers additional outside activity field for snow and ice fitness and entertainment by the entire people. This place is thus popularly known as the ‘pearl outside the Great wall city of spring’. This area has a huge territory, amazing scenery, beautiful landscape, clear lakes, and wonderful mountains. It is a place where you can really enjoy yourself and have great fun.

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