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Yakexia National Forest Park in Sichuan

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Yakexia National Forest Park is taking the vast and simple forest scenes, diverse and abundant system landscape as the mainstay. Yakexia National Forest Park is the compound ecotourism area that has gathered together the mighty snow mountains and glaciers, the unique geological landforms, gorgeous forest seasonal landscape, the waterfall and pools with beautiful scenic sights as well as beautiful and colorful astronomical phenomena scenes, miraculous and charming wildlife landscape and colorful Tun nationality folklore merging into one organic whole.


Yakexia National Forest Park is blessed with the diversity of the remarkably obvious biological wonders, cultural pluralism and the huge comprehensive value. The astronomical landscape in Yakexia National Forest Park has the abundant and fanciful resources. There're blue sky and white cloud, ice and snow on the plateau, sunshine of Mount Jinshan, sunset on the grassland, shining forever like the sun and the moon and the sea of clouds after the rainfall.


Owning to its high altitudes with thin air in the park, the sky is extremely blue and the clouds are particularly white. The stars are extremely bright. The vast and blue sky, the fleecy clouds and the glittering stars had made the most beautiful astronomical phenomena scenes in the park. Owning to its high altitudes with the cold winter of big snow, the landscape sources of the snow and ice landscape on the high mountain are very colorful.


Apart from the snow mountain with the perennial ice and snow with the altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, you could catch sight of the magnificent ice and snow landscape in the whole park from the middle of November to the middle of March every year. The mountain streams and the blue-water lake with a hundred leagues locked in ice, a wide stretch of woodland and meadow with a thousand leagues of swirling snow, the fairy mountains, crystal-clear and transparent ice carving of Hua Mountain and the hills on the plateau could make the typical north China scene clad in white, the park looks enchanting.


There're over 80 snowy peaks with the altitude of 4000 meters above sea level inside the park. Whenever the morning sun first appears, the rosy color of dawn spreading all over the sky and the sunset sink into the western wave, no matter where you are, you could feast your eyes on the beautiful and most curious spectacle with sunshine of Mount Jinshan as long as you can see the figure of snow peaks.


The colors of each snowy peak could have the miraculous photochromatic change in the rays of the red glow, golden or scarlet. All of them are bright and shining, turning into various golden mountains, resplendent and charming. The place is the plateau climate with distinctive rainy and dry seasons.


Whenever it threatens rain with thick clouds swirling around the summit, one feels as if one were in the land of fairies with mist and fog rising all around. And at this time you could be aware of the impenetrable mystery and greatness of the nature.  

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