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Yambdrok Lake -- The Heaven Wonderland

 2012-12-21    Cococy    Sights    Lhasa    4565  

Lakes of the Tibetan plateau are all so quiet and deep, like sapphires inlay on the earth, clear and thorough, free of dust. 


During the twelve days journey from the northern Tibet to Ali, we walk through beautiful destinations one by one, appreciating the pure blue of Tibetan plateau lakes, including BaMuCuo, SeLinCuo, DangGongCuo, DangReYongCuo, ZhaRiNanMuCuo, RenQingLinBuCuo, BanGongCuo, LaAngCuo, PaiLinCuo. When returned to Lhasa, we came cross a beautiful, jasper-like lake. 


This blue lake, quietly lie down in the Gang Bala Valley, like a glistening emerald exudes divine glory. Vast the lake, green mountains, the lush lakeside meadows, cattle and sheep leisurely eating grass… 


Yambdrok Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, also known as the world's most beautiful water. It is regarded as the turquoise earrings of "Goddess" scattered on the earth in the eyes of the Tibetans, because no matter from which angle, people can not see the whole picture of the lake. The deep lake just like a blue Hada winds in the mountains for over 130 km long. You can only be surprised to find her like earring inlaid in the mountain on the map or high in the sky. 


Our car stop-and-go along the lakeside road, we could appreciate the beauty of the Yambdrok Lake from all angles. From afternoon to evening, the lake appeared extremely rich blue under the sunlight of different times, like a dreamland. I realized why Tibetans describe it as “The Heaven Wonderland". 


Until sunset, we reluctantly left the Yambdrok Lake, back towards Lhasa. 

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