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Yellow Mountain travel notes

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    We took the first bus from Hong Village to Tangkou Town at 6:40 am on May 3rd. About forty minutes later, we changed the shuttle bus of scenic spot to Ropeway Station which takes us 20 minutes. After that we spent 12 minutes to go up the mountain by cable, if we walked up, it would take us more than 2 hours and it was very hard. 
Then we visited the Black Tiger Pine, Bright Summit, Lotus Peak, and Greeting Pine. We went down the hill after 5.5 hours later by cable. Then we took the last bus to Hong Village.
Warm Reminder: It is cold and blowy on the mountain; you need to take more cloth. I dressed the summer clothes this time and felt very cold because it dropped to 6 ° C.
You can choose to stay overnight in Tangkou Town or Hong Village. Tangkou Village is not special and just convenient for climbing. But Hong Village is very beautiful, and is known as the most beautiful village in China. I like beautiful scenery, so I chose to live in Hong Village.

yellow mountain

huangshan travel map

Lotus Peak
huangshan lotus peak

Greetings Pine
huangshan greating pine


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