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Yuanyang Terraces - Art of Earth

 2013-11-12    Selina Ou    Sights    Yuanyang County    4026  

We always holding a thankful heart for whom bring those beautiful and spectacular sceneries to us. We feel grateful for nature when we enjoy beautiful natural scenery. We are thankful for wise people who have made amazing human and cultural landscapes with their creation. But when you get to see Yuanyang Terraces, we know that some beauty is an artistic combination of nature and human wisdom.

If do not go to Yuanyang, I would never know terraces could be regarded as scenery. If do not go to Yuanyang, I would never imagine scenery of terraces could be so spectacular and grand.

The terrace field of Yuanyang locates in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province. It is convenient to take bus from Kuming or Jianshui to Yuanyang. Hani People are living at Yuanyang for a long time and this terrace field is just a masterpiece of Hani people from generation to generation with their intelligence and creation. All terraces are built at slopes with a gradient between 15° to 75°. You may feel like in a maze when you walking among the terraces, because however you choose your way, you will get to a village house at the end. At the same time, however you walk in a village, you go back to a place surrounded by terraces. This is interesting. Just like All roads lead to Rome, here at Yuanyang, all roads leads to terraces.

Terraces are spread from village to village at Yuanyang county, but terraces of Duoyishu village is the best to enjoy when sunrising and terraces of Laohuzui is the best when sunsetting.

Get up early and find a best angle at the observation deck at Duoyishu village, waiting to shot the beautiful moments when sunshine shines on the terraces. At Duoyishu village, it is surrounded by mountains on three direction and terraces flows into a valley on the fourth direction. When viewing from the top, terraces are like a waterfall pouring down. Also at Duoyishu village, clouds of mist curls up terraces all the year round. When sun rises, red sunshine are splashed into the terraces, layers of terraces spread down from the top to the bottom forming into a beautiful puzzle. Every terrace is full of water, every terrace is like a bright mirror, and there are blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, shadows fo trees and birds, every terrace own its spring.

The best place to enjoy sunsetting is at Laohuzui terraces. Looking down, terraces of different sizes, far ahead or near, with irregular shapes coming together into a watercolor painting. Some are red, some are green, but all are under the shrouding of sunglow. Take a closer look, you get a blur glimpse of a racing horse at the bottom of the mountain. It runs to somewhere, leaving the amazement behind to you.

Many enthusiastic of photography come to Yuanyang in order to take some beautiful and spectacular terraces back to the real world and let more people know. By the way , the best time to visit Yuanyang terraces is November to February of the following year.

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