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Yunxi Zhujing Scenic Resort – Dense Presence of Bamboo Trees All Over

 2018-09-28    Seven    Sights    Hangzhou    6578  

Yunxi Zhujing Scenic Resort is located in the north bank of the Qian Tang River at the foot hill of Five Yunshan Yungi, in the Zhejiang Province of China. The resort is very close to Hangzhou city. Just by driving 20 kilometers towards the northern direction, you can reach to this beautiful cloudy scenic resort. Five Yunshan is very picturesque due to its naturally blessed environment. The colorful and magnificent clouds are one of the spectacular views one would always amazed to watch while at the top of the hill resort area. The hill area is known for the iconic “the cloud roosts”.


The four coolest things:

The four coolest things that you can experience at the Yunxi Zhujing Scenic Resort are “green, clean, cool and quite”. Tourists will be surprised to experience the green environment, clean environment which are cool to the core of the aspect and resoundingly quite. These four outstanding qualities make lots of difference. The rare, virgin location is an ideal place for tourists to get away from the struggling environment leaving all your worries and have a solitude attitude. The surrounding area is full of towering bamboo trees, dense forests, uninhabited terrains, green meadows and others.


Yunqi Temple:

Around the scenic resort area you can see the famous Yunqi Temple site, where Hangzhou City Federation Trade Union office is operating. The temple was built by King Wu Yue Yu in 967 and it took 5 years to complete the temple. The mammoth structure and sculpture works are splendid. The struggle and effort to construct a temple on top of the hill is really admirable and it shows the strong attitude of the dynasties and their involvements to get things done in their way. The temple is 12 kilometers far from the West Lake. On the way to the hill resort, you can hear the murmuring sounds of air that flows over the bamboo leaves. You can experience the music of bamboo leaves as soon as you enter in to Zhong Qingsheng. Near to the temple you can see some of the six cloud habitant landscapes, such as long view peak wall, back Yangfeng etc.


Seasonal changes:

The sounds of spring emerging out from the brooks could be heard immediately after your head for the Yun Qishi memorial arch entrance. After you enter, you will be greeted with the strong presence of bamboo shades. Go onwards you are entering to the world of bamboos. To have the glimpses of sunlight, you have to keep struggling looking upwards. The effort is worth to experience, getting lost in the bamboo forest without having a chance to see sunlight. The sudden fall of mist, rain clouds and drizzling are all really beautiful things to experience.

The nature wonders playing like a hide and seek game of intermittent rain are really fun. The seasonal changes are wonderful to watch. During autumn, the bamboo trees are shredding off the leaves. In spring the bamboos start blooming. Summer is the best season to visit the Yunxi Zhujing Scenic Resort. 

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