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Zhejiang University – Since Qing Dynasty

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Established in 1897, Zhejiang University is one of the oldest educational institutes in People's Republic of China focusing on Science and Technology. The university is also called as Chekiang University or in short as ZJU and also known as Zheda is very popular and prestigious university and having various technological faculties and research chairs! The university is having the largest library collections, which is about 7 million literature and technical books. The university is located in Hangzhou city, approximately 180 kilometers south east of Shanghai, in Zhejiang Province.

Dated back to Qing Dynasty

The history of Zhejiang University goes back to 1897, when Lin Qi, the Mayor of Hangzhou established "Qiushi Academy" during Qing Dynasty. He was educated in western higher education system and incorporated the same system to the Qiushi Academy, hoping that this would become one of the prestigious academic centers in the future. His vision was perfect and proved over a period of time. In 1902 the academy was renamed as Zhejiang Academy and in 1903 it became Zhejiang Advanced College.

National Third Sun Zhongshan University in memory of Sun Yat Sen

The growth of the university was phenomenal. In 1912 Zhejiang Medical School was established and it was later converted as Zhejiang Provincial Medical College. This college later became the medical college of Zhejiang University. In 1927 some technical and agricultural colleges and schools were merged with Qiushi Academy. With the clubbing of these institutes the academy was renamed as 'National Third Sun Zhongshan University" in memory of Sun Yat Sen. It was again renamed as "Chekiang University or Zhejiang University in 1st April, 1928. In the same year "National" added as pre-fix to name and it was known as National Checkiang University.

The struggle during war

During the Sino-Japanese war in 1937 and subsequent storming of Japanese army the university was shifted to Guizhou and remained there till 1946. After the end of the war, the university was shifted back to Hangzhou city. The university was nick named as "Cambridge of the East". The university had consistently kept its third rank position throughout this period and shared the top rank position along with National Central University, National Wuhan University and National Southwestern Associated University.

The seperation of various faculties

The university further divided into number of single discipline college in the year 1952 as part Territory Education System of China. Some of its arts and science faculties were shifted to for Hangzhou University or Fudan University. The medical and pharmaceutical schools were converted in the Zhejiang Medical University. The agricultural faculty was converted as Zhejiang Agricultural University. During 1952 to 1953 the technological and chemical engineering faculties were moved to Hangzhou Chemical Engineering School, which today known as Zhejiang University of Technology. In 1998, the new Zhejiang University was formed with a combination of four major universities namely, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Medical University and Zhejiang Agricultural University with the ratification of State Council.

The modern university

Today Zhejiang University is one of the most prestigious universities in China, getting national and international attention. The university has 12 academic faculties which include philosophy, law, literature, medicine, economics, history, art, science, agriculture, education, medicine and management. The university is spread over an area of 4.5 square kilometers. There is lots of concentrated assiduous study and research activities are conducted and encouraged by the university by focusing to achieve higher academic excellence.

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