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China Tour from Malaysia

Thanks to the increasing conveniences in both visa policy and flight between these two countries, China has become one of the most popular destinations for Malaysian travelers. About 900,000 Malaysian tourists visited China in 2013. Famous tourism destinations such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guilin, Xi’an, Kunming, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau remain appealing to Malaysian visitors while emerging destinations are also getting more and more attentions.

 For travelers visiting China for the first time, there are always many questions that come to mind in terms of visa application, visa-free policies, Chinese food, flight, and itinerary. This page provides answers to these questions and helps you to better plan your China tour.

Visa for Malaysia Travelers

A visa is required for people traveling with a Malaysian passport in order to enter China. However, there are a few exceptions. Please refer to the Visa-free entry section below for more information. To apply for visa, your passport should have at least another 6 months’ validity and at least one blank visa page upon the day you submit your application.

Visa Application Fees

Currency: MYR

       Processing Time

Number of Entries

Regular (4th working days collection)

Express (3rd working days collection)

Rush (2nd working days collection)









6 months multiple




12-month/24-month multiple




Chinese Visa Application Service Center

Kuala Lumpur Office

Address: Level 5 & 6, Hampshire Place Office, Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business hours:

Business Hours: Monday-FridayClosed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Submission of applications: 9:00 to 15:00.

Payment and collection: 9:00 to 16:00.

Contact information

Call: 603 2175 8888   

Fax: 603 2175 6888



Kuching Office

Address: 2nd FloorWisma Naim 21/2 Mile, Rock Road, 93200 Kuching, Sarawark, Malaysia

Business hours:

Business Hour: Monday - Friday (except holidays)

Visa application: 9:00 - 15:00urgent application 10:00

Payment and collection: 9:00 - 16:00

Contact information

Tel: 03-21758888    

Fax: 082-256885


Visa Exemptions to China for United Kingdom Travelers

Destinations Duration Visa Type Terms  
Hong Kong 90 Days Visa Exemption Malaysian citizens are exempt from Hong Kong Visa if they are visiting for sightseeing and do not exceed 180 days stay.   
Macau 30 Days Visa Exemption Malaysian citizens are exempt from Macau Visa if they do not exceed 180 days stay.    
Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, and Huizhou) 6 Days 144-hour Convenient Visa 1. You are already in Hong Kong or Macau. 2. You joined a tourist group organized by a travel agency registered in Hong or Macau. 3. Your visit is restricted in the Pearl River Delta Region. > Read More
Hainan Province 15 Days Tourist Exemption Visa You joined a tourist group of five or more people organized by a travel agency with the approval of China National Tourism Administration to visit Hainan Province. > Read More

Airlines Flights to China

China has international airports in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. There are regular flights between The Philippines and China.

Airlines to China: direct and indirect flights between Beijing and major cities in Malaysia

Flight schedules between Malaysia and China

China Airport Airline Flight
Beijing Capital International Airport AirAsia X  

KUL 6:45p  PEK 12:50a   6h 05m   nonstop

Beijing Capital International Airport Malaysia Airlines  
KUL 6:00p  PEK 12:20a   6h 20m   nonstop
Shanghai Pudong International Airport AirAsia X  
KUL 7:25p  PVG 12:35a   5h 10m   nonstop
Shanghai Pudong International Airport China Southern  
KUL 9:00a  PVG 2:20p   5h 20m   nonstop
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport AirAsia
KUL 4:05p  CAN 8:05p   4h 00m   nonstop
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Malaysia Airlines  
KUL 9:35a  CAN 1:35p   4h 00m   nonstop
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport AirAsia X  
KUL 6:15p  CTU 10:40p   4h 25m   nonstop

Food in China

Halal food has a long history in China. The arrival of Arabian and Persian merchants during the Tang and Song dynasty saw the introduction of the Muslim diet. Chinese Muslim cuisine adheres strictly to the Islamic dietary rules with mutton and lamb being the predominant ingredient. The advantage of Muslim cuisine in China is that it has inherited the diverse cooking methods of Chinese cuisine for example, braising, roasting, steaming, stewing and many more. Due to China's multicultural background Muslim cuisine retains its own style and characteristics according to regions.

Beijing Halal Restrurant:

Laohuihui Restaurant
Laohuihui Restaurant is an old Hui-styled Muslim restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant is quite popular by Hui Muslims and Xinjiang people with its delicious and tasty Muslim food.

>> Read More

Shanghai Halal Restaurant

Aladdin Halal Restaurant 
Aladdin Halal Restaurant
is a famous restaurant that specializes to provide authentic Indian food inShanghai. It is located in Causeway Bay area and is quite popular among customers by its delicious and amazing Indian Halal food. >> Read More

Chengdu Halal Restaurant

Yue Xiang Cun Restaurant
If you want to eat the authentic halal food in Chengdu, Yue Xiang Cun is one of the most appropriate old restaurants. As one of the most famous Halal restaurants in Chengdu, Yue Xiang Cun is popular amongst the Hui people.

>> Read More

Guangzhou Halal Restaurant

Bogeda Food Paradise
Bogeda Food Paradise
is a restaurant specialized to providing Halal food. This is a restaurant characterized by Xinjiang features and is located in the second floor of Xinjiang Mansion in Guangzhou City. >> Read more

Other recommended Chinese food

Dining in Beijing

Dining in Beijing you will be spoilt for choice with unlimited options. Whether you want to try out the local delicacies or dine at the finest restaurants you will not be disappointed with what Beijing has to offer.

>> Read More

Dining in Shanghai

Shanghai enjoys a good reputation in Chinese gourmet circles, and numerous restaurants have sprung up here specializing in almost all of China’s regional cuisines, like Beijing cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Suzhou Cuisine as well as Shanghai local dishes. >> Read More

Dining in Chengdu

Most of Chengdu's local food specialties started out as snacks or Xiaochi (small eats). They originated in little stands or stalls located on sides of the road. Being located in Sichuan Province, Chengdu's local specialties are famous for their delicious spiciness. Sichuan Province is one of the four famous local cuisines in China.

>> Read More

Dining in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is universally known for its excellent food. Cantonese cuisine is one of the Famous Eight in China with different flavors and styles, by using diverse and delicate materials, exotic spices and various cooking skills. Cantonese cuisine, as epitome of Chinese food culture, is a mixture of tradition and modern, east and west.

>> Read More

Malaysia Embassy and Consulates in China

Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou

Address: Room 1915-18, CITIC Plaza Office Tower, No. 233 Tianhe Nan Lu (Tianhe Road South), Guangzhou
Postal Code: 510610
Tel: (+86)20 3877 0763
(+86)20 3877 0766
Fax: (+86)20 3877 0769
Office Hours: 08:30 – 17:00 (Mon. - Fri.)
Consular Regions: Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Hainan Province, Jiangxi Province, Hunan Province

Consulate General of Malaysia in Kunming

Consul-general: Mr. Ayauf Bin Bachi
Address: Room 401-405, Sakura Hotel, No. 29 Dongfeng Lu, Kunming
Postal Code: 650011
Tel: +86-871-3165888-6241/6242
Fax: +86-871-3113503
Visa Application Time: 09:00-12:00, Monday to Friday
Pick-Up Time for Visa: 14:00-16:00, Monday to Friday
Consular Regions: Yunnan Province, Guangxi Province, Guizhou Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing

Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai

Address: Room 1101, CITIC Square, No.1168, Nanjing Road West, Nanjing
Tel: (+86)21 5292 5424
Fax: (+86)21 5292 5951
Office Hours: 08:30 – 17:00 (Mon. – Fri.)

Time Difference

Beijing (UTC+08:00) and Kuala Lumpur are at the same time zone. 

Beijing Time Now (GMT+8)
Malaysia Time Now (GMT )


The official currency of China is the Chinese Yuan () otherwise known as Renminbi (RMB). For the latest exchange rate from to MYR use our currency convertor below:

Exchange Rate: 1.68
= Exchange

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