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Characteristics of Dog

Characteristics of Dog

The sign of dog ranks the eleventh of all the animals in Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of dog are usually trustworthy and reliable. They are observant and have great insights. They have sense of justice and fairness, and always keep things neat and organized. Dogs are practical, they pay attention to realistic rather than fancy items. But dogs can sometimes be stubborn and irritable, this is may be the reason why dogs tend to give up in the half way when doing something. Also they are bad communicators to find it difficult to express their feelings most of the time.

Dogs generally enjoy good health. They would take active in doing outdoor sports to stay fit. Since dogs do not care much about wealth and power, they have less stress and tension at work and life, these benefit them in physical and mental health.

The loyalty and dependability of dogs in addition to their willingness to help others, dogs are popular and valuable employees at their work. Highly recommended careers for dogs include scientist, judge, professor, politician, priest, nurse, clerk and counselor.

Although dogs are dependable, they are cautious and conservative to trust others. They would take a long time to know their friends slowly. But once they build trust for someone, they will be as faithful as they could.

Best match with: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Worst match with: Dragon, Ox